Polina Gagarina picked up rotavirus infection on vacation

Полина Гагарина подхватила ротовирусную инфекцию на отдыхе

Russian singer Polina Gagarina went with family for a vacation on the Cote d’azur, where there was a terrible story, which the actress shared with reporters. On the sandy shore family was waiting for rotavirus infection, which infected all members of the family, and the hardest is her son Andrew.

“This year the coast was rotavirus. Ill all, but he tolerated the virus is heavier than the others. Now, thank God, all right, but osadochek remained”, — with bitterness has told Polina. The singer has been sick, not tacos in the severe form, as her son Andrew. He suffered from severe symptoms from a severe form of rotavirus. Got sick the whole family including a three-month MIA.

But it’s not all disappointment that was waiting for Polina Gagarina and her family on the French Riviera. The singer has infuriated from Chur great prices. Paying a large amount, the pop singer were expecting quality service and good rest, but eventually got bad service and pathetic service.

“The hotel has a private beach, but very conditional, because there basically piers. We lived in a 4-beds 2 square meters on the sand — sunbeds were paid and towels, too, and they cost is not cheap, says Pauline. A fact which I resented very much the 5 star hotel offers its guests to pay for a sunbed a tidy sum.”

Despite the fact that the hotel 5 stars was a private beach for guests, he was not pleased with its size. “The whole beach was 50 metres long, in a semicircle, and there were another, whether from another hotel, or just pay.” — complained the singer. The sunbeds on the beach was located very close, so they were “like one big family.” Husband Gagarin went to the store that is not associated with the hotel to purchase fresh fruits, drinking water and diapers for the baby, which the hotel very indignant. They believed that we should order a water at the hotel, and fruit even more so. Local restaurants were very expensive and the more popular they were, the less tasty it is fed…”

Now, the singer and her family are fine, but bad feeling from this “rest” is still there. But despite this, the pop singer is ready to give his fans new gigs and songs.