Селена Гомес скучает по Джастину Биберу

Even after leaving Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber continues PR on behalf of each other. The recent skirmish canadian singer with his fans, which interfered with his former lover, again sprinkled salt on old wounds of the heart girls. Sources report that Selena was already beginning to regret that I did not give Bieber another chance.

“Justin was more than just first love Selena. She thinks he’s talented, very attractive and even hot, despite the fact that the relationship between them ended long ago,” said the insider, and added that Gomez was always sure – it’s worth it to entice with a finger, as Justin will be there, but his love affair with Sofia Richie sobered her and was very upset.
Two said a lot of things to each other during a recent public showdown. So, Selena blamed Justin’s numerous infidelities, and Bieber she reminded Zayn Malik, with whom she was allegedly having an affair. Ex-band member of One Direction was even justified in front of his current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, that he is the only one, and that with Selena from him but friendship, nothing was there.
Suspicious looks and the fact that so much time passed since the breakup with Justin, Selena has not been seen in a serious relationship. Probably something is still holding it.

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