Конфликт братьев Самойловых дошел до суда The former soloist of group “Agatha Christie” Gleb Samoilov insists on the prohibition of singing songs of legendary group. The brothers were unable to negotiate peacefully. The plaintiff demands to end 172 to perform songs from its repertoire.

      In the 90 years the rock group “Agata Kristi” was wildly popular. Fans knew by heart the words of the songs, many of which have become real hits that the audience loves and listens still. Brothers Gleb and Vadim Samoilov, front man of the group, was the idol of millions. In 2009, the parties announced the breakup of the band, but this did not prevent them to record the last album and give a final concert.

      Despite the fact that now Hleb and Vadim are engaged in their own project, the interest of the public to the group “Agatha Christie” is not quenched until now. The Samoilov brothers, along with another party by Alexander Kozlov wrote songs together. However, for several months, they cannot come to an agreement about the rights to the composition.

      19 Aug Savelovsky court of Moscow will consider the statement of Gleb Samoilov, which requires a complete ban on songs with his brother.

      “The claim is not proprietary in nature, that is, Hleb doesn’t require any redress. He’s just asking to ban the execution of the 172 songs. It’s practically all “Golden” repertoire of the group “Agatha Christie” – said Yana Brutman, the representative of the plaintiff.

      Apparently, the outcome of the peace talks did not lead to a favorable outcome. Apparently, Hleb kept his promise to go in search of the truth in the temple of Themis.

      In April this year, the brothers did not argue about the common compositions. Vadim told “StarHit” that agreed with Gleb on the execution of the group’s songs. Vadim Samoilov: “Story “Agatha Christie” is not over”

      “Between me and my brother reached an agreement that we can play what you want – both he and me. As for me, I went to the round in which represent musical performance – is a separate project because it has grown already a lot of people who started to listen to “Agatha Christie”, but never been to her concerts. So I give them the opportunity to feel what it was like. Of course, this is not a concert “Agatha Christie”, but when it is possible to get a good impression of the group,” said the man.

      However, after a few months the opinion of the brothers has changed. As reported TASS, representatives of the defendant had no immediate comment on the upcoming court hearing.

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