Литва объяснила, почему не пустила на свою территорию Олега Газманова

The Russian foreign Ministry demanded an explanation from Lithuania: what is the right of the citizen of Russia Oleg Gazmanov were not allowed into the country. The singer reportedly had all the required documents, however from Vilnius airport it was never released.

The foreign Minister of Lithuania Linas Linkevicius has already commented on this information, saying the songs of Oleg Gazmanov “represents Russian aggression”. Moreover, Linkevicius said that the contractor included in the list of “undesirable persons” because of the “propaganda of Russian aggression against neighboring countries,” implying, obviously, support Gazmanov of the annexation of Crimea that took place in 2014.

We will remind that earlier about their changed plans Oleg told on his page on the social network.

“Good night, all. I’m in Lithuania at the Vilnius airport. Despite my Schengen visa in the Schengen area according to EU rules no boundaries-I was not let out of the airport. It turns out that there’s a secret list of undesirable in Lithuania persons from Russia. They say that the lists in advance can not be obtained and no notices are not sent and the reasons also do not explain, to their status gr. Russia could only find in the airport upon arrival. Came and “turned”. Saying thus gets an additional moral effect!!! Despicable SYSTEM. To explain why not allowed, the customs officer I can’t. He’s extremely uncomfortable and he awkwardly explains that he respects me and like my songs, but nothing depends on him etc. I told him that I understand. Officer himself. Fit girls – the hotel staff at the airport and I gave them autographs and took selfies. One of them said that has come true her dream is to see me and get an autograph . The “moral impact”of the government of Lithuania in me and the kindness of an officer of customs and girls has led to the fact that I still like the people of Lithuania and it is extremely disgusting GOVERNMENT, which under the slogan of protection of the population from the harmful effects of Russian culture tries to divide us. But Music knows no boundaries. I’m not saying goodbye! I say goodbye beautiful #Lithuania ! Let you will be all right” — he wrote.

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