Селена Гомес покидает сцену из-за страшной болезни

The singer and actress is forced to stop his career due to serious health problems.

Who would have thought that this smiling girl have long struggled with a terrible disease! That Selena suffers from systemic lupus erythematosus (autoimmune disease in which antibodies damage the DNA of healthy cells, causing the disease can affect any organ, and this will lead to a lethal outcome), reporters learned in 2013. Officially, Gomez confirmed in October 2015, saying that received two courses of chemotherapy, which brought her to a pre-stroke condition…

Unfortunately, the disease does not give up and Selena is forced to leave the stage in order to seriously health. She announced this to journalists after a world tour.

“I found that the side effects of lupus can be anxiety, panic attacks and depression, and they themselves can cause a lot of problems,” said Gomez. — I want to be active and focus on maintaining your health and happiness, and therefore decided that the best solution would be to take a break.”

Recall that in his 24 years Selena made a good career, releasing three albums with the group The Scene and two solo as well as starring in dozens of films (among them “Children of spies – 3”, “Hannah Montana”, etc.) in addition, it is known as the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner werewolf Jacob from the twilight Saga.

We can only hope that Selena will cope with the problems and get back to creative work. Examples of successful battle with the dreaded disease among her finest colleagues a lot.