In Gum went on sale on collection of Lancôme fragrances

В ГУМе стартовала продажа коллекции ароматов Lancôme

The brand presented exclusive fragrances dedicated to Armand Petitjean.

On the Day of knowledge celebration not only students, but fans of selective perfumery – from 1 September in Articoli by Bosco you can purchase the fragrances from the exclusive collection of Lancôme Maison Grand Cru. The long-awaited launch of the brand pays homage to a legendary perfumer and Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean. At the invitation of the cult brand six best perfumers of our days has created special flavors – three floral and three wood. Their freedom of creativity was limited only by the requirement of the highest quality and the General trail of perfume. The result is known for its visionary Dominique Ropion presented a delicate blend of Grand Cru Jasmins Marzipane, and a recognized expert in the field of niche perfumes Fabrice Pellegrin mixed the sensual Oriental notes in a luxurious bouquet Ôud Bouquet. Jasmine, tuberose and lavender, the much-loved Maestro, featured in all new products.

Flavors placed in painted glass bottles with gold thread, the design of which involved a well-known tandem of artists Alex & Marine, famous in Europe for its artistic murals. Right now on a special podium Maison Lancome in Gum you can evaluate the whole collection – choose your favourite will help Lancôme perfume sommelier, who will talk about the intricacies of creating unique compositions.