Визажист Юрий Столяров дает уроки макияжа в «Инстаграме»

To learn the art of makeup is simple – look, follow a Pro and win beauty prizes.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do makeup in the spirit of international celebrities and top models, now everything is in your hands. Official makeup artist Maybelline New York in Russia Yury Stolyarov created an account @stolyarovpro in Instagram, where every day he familiarizes members with current beauty trends, answers questions and talks about the latest hits of the iconic brand. In addition, subscribing to his page, you can easily learn professional tricks and hacks for using various beauty products.

The opportunity to show their talents in competitions too: weekly Yuri shows to subscribers in an illustrative example, one bow, and on Friday (the contest easy to find in the social network under the hashtag #patisamerica) asks girls to repeat it and win the bestselling Maybelline New York. Main straight a student, coped with the task best of all, get a chance to become the next editions of heroines of the project “Makeup in the city” on YouTube, which Yury Stolyarov results, together with Mary Iacovou. Who knows, maybe you will become one of them?