Ким Кардашьян призналась, что болеет псориазом

The complexes socialite decided to overcome with the help of an erotic photo shoot.

Figure Kardashian constantly discuss, criticize and praise, but the star for her excellent care: Kim always perfectly smooth dark skin.

But it turns out that Kim just successfully hiding a serious illness: the star admitted that suffers from psoriasis – a type of lichen, which affects the skin. Recently, the socialite participated in a candid shot, which has decided to get rid of fear, to admit his illness. The process of shooting, which took place in the desert, where Kim has taken sexual positions on the sand, “covering” private parts white paint, aired reality show “the Family Kardashian”.

“I have been suffering from psoriasis. I wasn’t trying to cure the disease, but I can’t do anything. I had to put up with this feature of my body, and now I have no complexes, obragas in front of the camera,” admitted telediva.

“After so many years, I’ve learned to live with it. This disease is not treated. There are foods that should be avoided to prevent flare-UPS of psoriasis. This acidic foods, tomatoes and eggplant. Different people with psoriasis have different symptoms. Someone itching, someone something else. Outbreaks occur from time to time for different reasons,” Kim told Entertainment Tonight.

Bad diagnosis has put the star in 2006, when at a social event by body of Kim went red spots. Over time, Kardashian was able to cope with the rash. Every night before bed telediva causes the body ointment with hydrocortisone, which removes the psoriasis.