Селена Гомес продолжает экспериментировать со внешностью
The singer was puzzled by the sudden change of image.

Селена Гомес продолжает экспериментировать со внешностью

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez

Photo: Instagram @selenagomez

Selena Gomez surprised his fans with a new look: the singer
dramatically changed my hair. If a week ago she appeared in public
with a relatively short haircut “Bob”, now the former owner of gorgeous curls and not to know. Recently Gomez shows off
trimmed the back of his head, tightening the rest of the hair in a high ponytail.

This hairstyle had built for Selena famous hair stylist
Marissa Marino. She not only worked on the hair of the singer with a razor
but also increased the length of the “survivors”
hair. As admitted Marissa, when Gomez called her and
said that once again ready for change, Marino was puzzled:
she recently worked on Selena’s hair, which she was quite pleased. But Gomez explained that the new hair as it seems
Selene, to help her feel more strong and independent.

As claimed by girlfriend Selena, Gomez, the desire to constant
changes in appearance
due to the fact that she was “torn” after a couple of months ago
again, I broke up with her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Gossips are sure
she did it under pressure from her mother, who was strongly against
the resumption of the affair of his daughter with Justin. The woman believed that Bieber’s inevitable
again will break her daughter’s heart and make her suffer, so selenium should
throw it first. Gomez let himself be persuaded, but deep down, she’s up to
still bitterly regrets the decision.