У Робби Уильямса в подвале находится марихуановая ферма

In excellent relations between Robbie Williams and his wife Ajda field, no doubt. They are so close together, give each other special gifts. On the anniversary of the marriage of IDA husband bought their own farm for growing marijuana, which they placed in the basement.

The contractor hits repeatedly stated his addiction to drugs in his youth, and now not averse to relax and smoke marijuana. Now he can do that at any time, and not a simple plant, and homegrown!

This is the gift in an interview with the Sun said the rapper Big Narstie. He worked together with Robby in 2017. Remembering the good qualities of the singer, the rapper also spoke about how he visited his home and saw a plantation. “He’s very cool. It’s simple and modest man. And he has a very good wife. I saw the gift that she made Robbie on the anniversary of their marriage. It is a farm for growing marijuana, which they placed in the basement of his house. Well, it’s legal, isn’t it? It is allowed,” said the musician.

I hope this acquisition helps him deal with adversity. Recall that the actor than one year suffers from a mental disorder. As Robbie says himself, his life resembles a roller coaster: sometimes, a singer is so bad that to go on stage for him the real test. But there are moments of real “bliss” when Williams feels happy. Perhaps it is because of this disorder, the contractor had to cancel concerts in Russia last year.

“I have a disease that wants to kill me. It’s in my head, and it’s my job to protect myself and my family from him,” — admitted the singer.

In one interview an interview with Robbie also revealed that a similar disease suffered by his friend George Michael, who died in 2016. Sam Williams is determined to fight the disease, what will help him career, family and friends.