Rita Dakota makes her husband to lead a healthy lifestyle

Рита Дакота заставляет мужа вести здоровый образ жизни
The singer wants to teach Vlad Sokolovsky eat the right foods.

Photo: Instagram

Not so long ago Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky returned from Bali, where he spent almost all winter. There they enjoyed life and ate, slept a lot, rested, sunbathed, swam in the ocean… Now it’s “harsh” routine. Rita is seriously engaged in sports: coming home to her personal trainer, which literally squeezes out all the juices. Incidentally, he coached many stars, for example, Polina Gagarina. Also, the Dakota has long been powered correctly. At least she tries to do it, because during pregnancy she ate lots of “Goodies” that she brought friends and beloved husband.

Now Rita intend to teach my husband to eat for a healthy lifestyle. The girl shared his plans with followers of her personal blog, pre-closing Vlad access to her “stories”. Apparently, that was a surprise!

“Today, we will not puree of potatoes and cauliflower, — told the star. — I bought honey instead of sugar, bread is bread, bitter chocolate is his favorite “sneakers” and yogurty dressing instead of mayonnaise. In the meat Department took no pork, and kororoti — ‘m going to do baked in the oven vkusnaya burgers. Scored more vegetables for a salad — and voila!”

Dakota, by the way, is the Creator of one of the most popular “schools” to get rid of excess weight. The project is called “Friends with the body.” One of the most important factors singer and her colleagues believe the psychological component.

“I long ago abandoned all diet because constraints lead to constant thoughts of food, breakdowns and guilt, — said Dakota in an interview with “7 Days”. Women obsessed with sweets, fast food and unhealthy fatty foods as they afford them banned, and then broken. If you belong to any food the same and rely on the natural setting of your body — hunger, satiation, inner need, the selection of products would be the right one. You’re not worried about it, everything happens by itself. We call it “intuitive eating”. But this is no power system, it’s just the natural configuration of the body. As children, many men and most of those friends witches who eat everything and not get fat. I can admit that once, starting with high school, I tried every diet in the world, perhaps, can the collection to release. There was everything in my life! Only a few years ago, I started to realize that it’s not working. Quickly get the result, but not for long. So I prefer don’t deny”.