Второй муж Седоковой хочет лишить ее родительских прав The singer is fighting for youngest daughter Monica. Former husband of Anna Sedokova went against her. According to the artist, Maxim Cherniavsky intends to educate a child in America without the participation of the famous mother.
Второй муж Седоковой хочет лишить ее родительских прав

Singer Anna Sedokova grow three children born to different men. Son Hector was born in April 2017. The boy’s father is a businessman Artem Komarov, with whom she was not married and broke up shortly after the birth of the child. The eldest daughter Alina actress gave birth to in 2004 from the captain of the Kiev football club “Dynamo” Valentin Belkevich. Athlete tragically passed away in 2014.

While the little girl Monica came Sedokova married to American businessman Maxim Cherniavsky – in 2011.

Anna of all children raised by single. Anyway, it was until recently. Now all the photos in the Network Sedokova posing only with her eldest daughter and son. The middle child of the singer, Monica, is in America. As told by a mother with her child, she is now seen only in the presence of representatives of local American law enforcement. Ex-husband intends to deprive Sedokova parental rights and permanently leave the child in the United States.

Второй муж Седоковой хочет лишить ее родительских прав“For eight months, I have no possibility normally to communicate with her, just be there. Her father, a man I trusted, turned against me war. Maxim decided to deprive me of my parental rights and I absolutely do not understand why. I never forbade him to see her, to take her. Maxim and his grandmother took Monica to America and went to court”, – said Anna Sedokova.

The singer also said that the main witness against her was made by the grandmother of ex-husband who believes that Sedokova may permanently take the child. Monica is a U.S. citizen.

“Said I was dangerous for a child, unable to take her to Russia, and as between our country and America has not signed the Pact to the Hague Convention, there is a risk for Monica, as for the citizen of America, I will not give it”, – said Sedokova.

Anna continues to work a lot, because now she has to spend a lot of money for lawyers. The singer is not going to retreat and wants at all costs to get her daughter back. “What I now earn, spend on lawyers. I’m fighting against the system, against hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since September, doing all in my power. I’ll fight for Monica. But in order to pay lawyers, I have to earn. A lot. From Maxim spent hundreds of thousands. And I also have to pay. I’ve got bills to lawyers for 50-60 thousand dollars. The hour of the lawyer costs $ 600. So I work, earn, sing funny songs and are fighting for their child”, – said Anna Wday.ru.