Former spouse Dana Borisova allowed the daughter to meet her

Бывший супруг Даны Борисовой разрешил дочери встретиться с ней The presenter spent with the child may holidays. Ex-husband Dana Borisova was released they shared a daughter, Pauline, to the mother. For star this weekend has been really happy.
Бывший супруг Даны Борисовой разрешил дочери встретиться с ней

Unlike many celebrities Dana Borisova remained in Moscow during the may holidays. But the presenter did not regret about it. Because all weekend she spent with her daughter Pauline.

The girl lives with her father, businessman Maxim Aksenov. The actual ex-husband, says Borisov, limiting her contact with daughter. However, sometimes he allows the girl to spend time with mom, taking her to mom’s weekend. It is not surprising that Dana Borisova was so happy long may holidays.

TV presenter published a photo with my daughter and told in the touching legend that he and Pauline managed to do in four days. Apparently, the program with mom and daughter was intense.

“Still, we are together! The fourth day walking, cinema, theatre, parks, Yakitoriya! And ice cream of all kinds,” wrote Dana Borisova.
Бывший супруг Даны Борисовой разрешил дочери встретиться с ней

Mother and daughter live in different houses when Dana Borisova confessed to the abuse of illicit drugs. Then leading it seemed that the baby is better off with his father, at least until such time as she did not to free themselves from dependence. This year, Dana will not use illegal drugs, and the daughter still lives with dad.

With the father of her only child Dana now speaks only through the courts. First, Maxim had demanded from the former the child support, now Dana tries to regain his daughter. Daughter Dana Borisova was summoned for questioning

Despite the radiant photos on Instagram the struggle for the child between Dana and Maxim continues. Borisov says that the court constantly extend because of emerging facts and evidence. “Insanely tortured and even almost wept, the court again extended and moved. Max brought in as evidence thumbed edition of the newspaper last year with some vulgar article, which the judge refused to bring in as evidence, well, I’m already tired unfunny and terrible,” wrote Dana three weeks ago.