Дочь Игоря Николаева произвела фурор на телевидении A two-year, Veronica debuted on national television. The daughter of composer Igor Nikolaev and his wife, singer Julia Proskuryakova, conquered the audience and the guests in the Studio.
Дочь Игоря Николаева произвела фурор на телевидении

The youngest daughter of composer and singer Igor Nikolaev Veronica two and a half years. Third wife Julia Proskuryakova Maestro had a baby girl in the fall of 2015. For 58-year-old Yuri, the daughter became the second child from the first marriage of Nikolaev also has a daughter, which this year will be 40 years old.

Veronika Nikolaev visited for the first time on television. Together with her parents she became the guest of the program “Hello, Andrew!” on the channel “Russia 1” devoted to may day. The girl made a splash – she danced to the song daddy, running around the Studio and smiled at the camera. Nick impressed the guests and viewers. Girl responded to what is happening around: found out my family (the photo showed on the big screen), saying that “the picture dad, mom and nick”, but absolutely could not sit still. Her famous dad told me that Veronica is a very active child who is easy to contact.

“Today you have exclusive. We for the first time on television. Of course, you run the risk of because live music… She’s a girl, she contacts, she talks, she wants to show off, one word, girl. And very cool,” – said Igor Nikolaev.
Дочь Игоря Николаева произвела фурор на телевидении

Loving parents is always the same sweet praise their children. But it seems that Igor Nikolaev there is every reason to say so about your daughter. When the girl was only a year and seven months, she, still unable to really speak Russian, already unmistakably recognized all letters of the English alphabet. Her mom was so proud of a child that shared the video in his Instagram.

“Shocked! But our baby is 1 year 7 months already knows almost the entire alphabet — And, as befits a real girl, at the end of the video she’s so cute, girly, shy. Love! Can’t… my Daughter! You always have pleased and most importantly be healthy and happy, be better than us, smarter and more talented!” – wrote the wife of Nikolaev.

Music sposobnosti child appreciated even Alla. Diva felt that the baby as a particularly talented push handles to piano keys. However, such movements have started many well-known musicians