Ученые заявили, что 6-часовой сон хуже бессонницы

American scientific luminaries once again surprised by the humanity. It turns out that a little sleep is worse than no sleep at all!

Debate about how much sleep should the average person, has been going for years. And data all the time different. Some researchers say that our body to fully recuperate enough 6 hours, others 7, still others argue for the eight-hour sleep…

American experts from the University of Pennsylvania found that sleep sleep at. Sometimes it’s better not to lie.

The study involved volunteers – 48 people ranging in age from 21 to 38 years. They were split into groups: some people slept eight hours, others six, still others four, and others not slept for several days.

It would seem that the last and penultimate, and there are weak links in the experiment, but no such luck.

Yes, those who were awake round the clock, indicators of mental alertness and speed of reaction were the worst. Abilities did not Shine and slept for 4 hours, the best were those who luxuriated in bed 8 hours, but the people of the six hour group were just as retarded as those that did not sleep at all.

In the end, scientists came to the surprising conclusion that after six hours of sleep a person can be, and not complains of fatigue and feels quite acceptable, but the brain activity he will be at the same level as those who suffer from insomnia.

Sleep six hours equivalent days without sleep at all. If you believe the American scientist, it turns out that sometimes it’s better to tough it out and spend the night awake than go to bed and get up in six hours.

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