The experience of editors and bloggers SPLETNIK.RU: facial treatments

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

About how important it is that the skin has always been in good condition, much has been said. Sometimes daily home care are inadequate to cope with the impact of environment, stress and improper diet. Everyone at least once, let there be some pimples, and the complexion sometimes is appalling. Come to the aid procedure, aimed at deep cleansing of pores, smoothing of the topography and skin texture improvement. The editors and blogger SPLETNIK.RU have tested these procedures and tell what effect came out.

Evaeva, blogger DOCUMENT.EN:

Salon “cleansing” I’ve never done before, so with curiosity and enthusiasm accepted the job of editorial staff to attend the Clinic “K+Z1” and try the Easy Droxy Peel peels based on glycolic acid. The overall impression of the clinic is very nice: friendly staff, cleanliness, spacious lounge – all this has reminded hospitals of American films. Friendly cosmetologist Nino Malkhazovna questioned in detail about the experience of skin care, well-being, and we started the procedure. Selected for the experiment, the peeling, the doctor said, soft and gentle, but quite effective: evens the complexion, improves the relief and texture of the skin. Suitable for all types. But for optimal results requires a course of three treatments with 10-day break after each. We first applied active ingredient solution collection acid, it lightly tingling (especially in the problematic T-zone), after a minute or two on top of a mask neutralizing acids. For a moment the burning sensation and heat increase, but it’s just a moment and is absolutely tolerable. I was expecting a lot more discomfort, to be honest. My skin is very sensitive and sensitive to any manipulation. But surprisingly this procedure was moved to cheer. In the first 15-20 minutes was a slight redness that disappeared and no unpleasant moments did not arise (although the doctor has honestly warned that peeling and slight redness for 2-3 days – within normal limits).

Overall and procedure, and the doctor, and the clinic left the most positive impression. And despite the inconvenient location for me clinic, there was a desire to return there. So thank you beloved “the Whisperer” for a new and interesting experience!

Salon: Clinic “K+31”

Procedure: Easy Droxy Peel

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

Daria, editor of the “Beauty”:

The facial I was looking forward to. Though specific skin problems I have, I always want to improve something and forget, though small, but all the same shortcomings. I tested the procedure “Radical renewal” based cosmeceutical line M-Ceutiс with a patented complex Mesolift Marin in the salon “beauty U”.

This procedure beautician in the salon recommends the course to those who have real skin problems – acne, dull complexion, traces of acne, oily sheen. I have such strong issues there, so to see the result, and had one session, which lasts 55 minutes.

At the beginning of the procedure, the beautician filled in a small form-a sign about the condition of my skin in order to choose the right concentration of resources for the first step of peeling the treatment uses acid to the desired concentration. To be honest, I was a little afraid of unpleasant sensations (tingling and burning), but, fortunately, there were none. This is followed by a special post-peeling care is on the skin apply serum activator of Pro-Detox. The serum foam structure, which ensures the supply of oxygen to the skin cells and tones the skin and stimulates cell metabolism.

The final stage is one of two masks-serums (to normalize and balance to restore skin texture – depending on needs). During all these steps, the beautician give a massage to the hands and neck, to brighten up the expectation, and again show that this procedure is also a nice SPA ritual.

But now, the most the main thing – the effect. Of course, I was hoping that my skin will look better, but didn’t think the result will be as good. On his face was a few small traces of inflammation, which is not the case, skin color became more even, and the need to use Foundation is missing. In General, all advise.

Salon: “Beauty U”

Procedure: “Radical renewal”

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

Ain, editor of the news:

I did the cleansing procedure of the “Antistress and detox lifting “Cell Recovery” on the Russian cosmetics Excellance Moscow, which includes several stages of purification: a rapid exfoliation for dry and sensitive skin and enzyme exfoliation. Then under the eyes caused a hypoallergenic serum with caviar extract, and all over the face and neck caused a calming mask-anti-stress. I especially liked the fact that the cleansing was very soft, but effective. Can recommend this procedure to owners of dry and sensitive skin. Honestly, I’m already used to the fact that after washing even the gentle foam face tightens a little and you need to nourish it with cream. During the procedure I noticed that even after the cleansing foam and masks from white clay that there is no effect! After all procedures on the skin caused cream with shining particles, which not only effectively moisturizes and evens skin tone and enhances blood circulation.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of the beautician Monahovo Elena: I never thought that a facial massage relaxes not worse than a full body massage. From the salon I went out without makeup and have long enjoyed their skin. The effect has not disappeared the next day, and in the morning, despite the early rise, in the mirror I was still pleased healthy and clean skin. This procedure is recommended and how in the rehabilitation period (between treatments-peeling, mesotherapy, laser cleaning, and so on), and how the exchange procedure for the prevention of age-related changes.

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

I was assured that the product Excellance Moscow effectively treats pigmentations. Thanks melanoblastoma components it evens and brightens the skin tone, perfectly whitens and smoothes out scars from acne. Active complex of works directed on production of collagen, smoothing out wrinkles and creating a smooth relief. Effectively hydrates by holding water in the upper layer of the skin, stimulates microcirculation and helps strengthen vascular walls. Increases cellular immunity, protecting skin from negative environmental influences. Has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action. Suitable for all skin types.

This procedure is shown and how to care for a special care or rehabilitation (peels, lasers), as well as the exchange procedure for the prevention of age-related changes. The skin after visits to the beautician looks clean and fresh, so many customers salon “tori” doing “Antistress and detox lifting “Cellular Restoration”” before the events.

Salon: Tori

Procedure: “Antistress and detox lifting “Cell Recovery”

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

Evdokia, assistant of the editorial office:

Before you go for diamond peels, I just heard about a similar procedure, but have never experienced it, despite repeated advice of beautician. So I found the best of circumstances the opportunity to see her as part of our traditional rubric.

In Nikolskaya Club gave to me in the caring hands of the beautician Natalia, which in less than an hour made my skin real miracle. The recipe is quite simple: the professionalism of the master and four peeling machine Hydra Facial with the application of various serums and glycolic and hyaluronic acids. The action of the apparatus is the vacuum effect that is created due to a special tube with a nozzle of the diamond grit.

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

In the first step of the procedure removes the upper Horny layer of the skin. Beautician gently treats the face and neck by using a vacuum tube “pulling” the dead cells. Besides grinding your face gets vacuum massage, that stimulates good blood flow and promotes skin regeneration. The second step is hydromethanolic: using the same tubes, but with another nozzle, the skin resurfaced again, at the same time obtaining nutrients from a special serum. The third stage is exfoliation, which skin to apply a special tool that helps the pores to open up. Finally, the person receives long-awaited saturation of hyaluronic acid.

It turned out that diamond peeling is exactly what was needed my skin is combination type with small traces of acne. The output from Nikolskaya Club I had a perfectly clean face, so smooth and my skin I haven’t seen for several years. In addition, the peeling returned to her healthy color, and, most importantly, gave her not only the appearance, but also the feeling of vitality and freshness. Diamond peeling – a great way to quickly prepare for an important event, so obvious effect immediately after the procedure. Within a week after visiting the beautician, my skin continued to be updated and to be smoothed and the small spots left over from the teenage skin problems, decreased markedly.

Salon: Nikolskaya Club

Procedure: Hydra Facial

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

Pauline, producer of editorial projects:

As part of our regular “Personal experience” I had the opportunity to visit the gas-liquid peeling Jet Peel at the Institute of beauty “SENSAVI”. How did it go and is it worth to go for this procedure? Tell.

The technology of peeling virtually contactless and absolutely painless: on the skin effect of micronized high-speed jet of oxygen and saline, toning the skin, restoring its healthy color and smoothness. Turns out a sort of needle-free mesotherapy.

My master Maria with a special nozzle first removed layer after layer of dead skin cells, saturate tissues with oxygen. And then adjusted the shape of the face. And truly corrected! Massage right half of the face, Maria offered me a mirror to show the difference. And it was – the oval face noticeably tightened. Not to say that the effect was somehow stunning, but he was.

This treatment has a triple effect on the skin: massaging, exfoliating and moisturizing. During the process, improves circulation, literally erases wrinkles and smoothes deep, eliminate dark spots, bags under the eyes. And after that creams penetrate the skin much deeper and faster.

Jet Peel has practically no contraindications, is suitable for any age and skin type. And this is the only scrub that is not only possible, but even recommended to do before you tan to the skin tone. That’s it!

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

Much of course depends on the skill of the beautician: my, for example, making a medical procedure that turned her into a skin, which is important.

Sure the gas-liquid peeling Jet Peel appreciated by those who, one way or another, feels some discomfort in the classical peel – no peeling and swelling of the skin. By the way, the advantage of gas-liquid peeling from the acid, as Maria said, in that it maintains the pH of the skin and the protective lipid layer, which in other peels is destroyed.

Thus it is possible to sunbathe, to do it at any time of the year. I’m sure many of you thought that this type of peeling can provide instant results. As I told Maria, it all depends on the condition and needs of the customer: the procedure can take place, and soft, and very aggressive and polishing the skin. Plus – for a sustained and more visible results one procedure will be enough.

Summing up, I want to say that safe, non-invasive therapeutic methods – the trend of modern cosmetology, so I advise everyone. Moreover, the atmosphere in the Institute is friendly, and service at the highest level.

Salon: the Institute of beauty “SENSAVI”

Procedure: the gas-Liquid peeling Jet Peel

Опыт редакции и блогеров SPLETNIK.RU: процедуры для лица

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