Киркоров выпустил духи с запахом себя

King of pop fans delighted by the news of his new show “I” you can not only see and hear but also smell…

What fan doesn’t dream to touch the star? Kirkorov fans now have a chance to snatch a piece of Philip, we have to smell like it… And this is no joke.

Together with the French perfumers from Grasse, the singer created two selective flavor. They are called briefly and clearly – “I”, in honor of Philip’s new show, which will premiere in the Kremlin Palace on March 16.

“I tried to keep every drop of flavor of the magic, the magic, the amazing atmosphere that surrounded me during the work on this show and allowed it to become so exciting and enchanting. With every performance I give the audience a part of themselves. So it will be in the new show, so shall it be in the perfume compositions – each will receive a particle of Philip Kirkorov, which will be part of Me,” said the contractor.

For men Kirkorov has prepared a combination of refreshing notes of sea breeze, lemon, Jasmine, tuberose, musk and cedar wood. As representatives of the perfume company, with the spirits of Philip strong, the floor will be smelling seductive-disturbing.

Women singer offers notes of grapefruit, cardamom and pepper, along with geraniums, roses, ugowym wood, oak moss and sandalwood.

The price of this perfume pleasure modest – 4000 rubles for 50 ml fragrance Philip. Judging by the excitement in the ranks of fans, this arranged price tag. Social network singer is already full of rave reviews, every second wants to smell like Phillip!

“All the audience with the aroma of “I”, that would be cool!” – write some.

“Buy, buy! Already adored!” – add other.

That’s what the name says. Spirits are not yet on sale, and love them in advance. It’s time for Philip to think about the production of chocolates named after her. Anyone who refuses to take a bite Kirkorov?

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