Scientists have named the causes of breast cancer

Ученые назвали причины возникновения рака груди

British doctors have made a major step to bring this disease under control.

Due to the sad history of Angelina Jolie, which is due to the risk of developing breast cancer was forced to conduct an operation to remove the breast, we all know that this disease genetics is to blame. But there is good news: scientists are already making significant steps to take this process under control.

The journal Nature published the results of a study conducted by the British organization Cancer Research, which investigates breast cancer. During the experiments, was studied 560 cases of the disease, and 4 patients were men. Unfortunately, the representatives of the stronger sex, too, is not immune from this scourge, as one might think. Doctors say that revealed almost all of the genetic malfunctions that can lead to the development of breast cancer.

— In the future we hope to be able to define personal cancer genome for each patient, ” says study leader Serena Nik-Zainal. — This will allow you to pick the most productive treatment.

But until that happens, we have to comply with existing recommendations for prevention of this disease.

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