New trend: body contouring

Новый тренд: контурирование тела

In the twenty-first century, to get the perfect chest, to hide the shortcomings of legs and increase buttocks, do not need magic pills, miracle creams, and even plastic surgeon. One palette contouring – and you can afford to draw any body!

Until then walked progress! A little over a year ago in the beauty world has a new term – contouring or sculpturing. The founder of a fashion trend, many believe Kim Kardashian: socialite, delalias with fans the secrets of his perfect cheekbones. Kim was posted in “Instagram” pictures staged makeup. I want to make a thin nose, draw two vertical strips of dark and contouring back apply highlighter. To enhance the lips – make it bright by means of the arc of Cupid, the middle of the upper lip.

With contouring, we met, learned to use tools, and even many makeup artists have time to get tired of it. For example, Bobbi brown believes make-up “Kim Kardashian” ugly!

“Everyone became obsessed with this contouring, but it looks awful! Look at the Kardashians: you don’t want to be like them? I’m sure not,” said Bobby in an interview.

But there was a new wave – contouring the body. Beauty trendsetters have realized that just using the difference between the charts you can create yourself a perfect person, and the body can be repeated as well.

Under the hashtag #bodycontouring in Instagram, you can find more than 50 thousand photos. Great abs, big chest and perfect butt, sexy collarbone and smooth lines of the legs…

The principle of the creation of body contouring is the same as the person: lightening and darkening certain areas will help to create the figure Kardashian or even Beyonce!

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