Scientists have learned what women need men

Ученые узнали, какие женщины нужны мужчинам

And it turned out that the demands of the men for the second half… depend on his salary.

What book was read Bridget Jones? “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, it seems… But, as it turned out, all representatives of a strong half.

Well, no, we, of course, and so guessed. But now scientists from Beijing University it is scientifically proved. The result was the following: the higher the male wage, the more demanding it will be to his companion.

In the new study, researchers of minds was attended by 182 students (among them 121 the girl and 61 boy).

Volunteers are needed to answer the questions, first introducing yourself rich, then poor. In the end it turned out that the richer feel young men, the less they were satisfied with the appearance of girls. But in poverty respondents were fully satisfied with the physical data of their loved ones.

“Poor men rarely notice the shortcomings of their halves”, comment the authors.

The study also revealed that the growth of material welfare of women, their requests regarding the appearance of beloved not grow.

Do not worry, soon us even to remember will be as a good time. After all, according to British scientists (who else?), the appearance of the people will change, adapting to the conditions of global warming. Or, for example, the ice age.

So, with the onset of the ice age, the skin become pale, the body covered with hair, and his nose and face size will increase to improve circulation in the nasopharynx and quickly heat inhaled cold air.

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