The hand of the artist: a fashionable technique of staining Balai

Рука художника: модная техника окрашивания балаяж

To create beautiful shades, the stylist puts the client’s head… on the table!

The coloring in several shades not lose its relevance for many years. Highlights? Last century! Now experts offer a variety of fashion colour techniques to create a perfect result: Ombre, highlights, Ombre, blonding and many others. But we especially like Balazs. Translated from the French language “Balai” is translated as “revenge” or “smack”, which is quite justified by the technology of its execution.

The process of painting this technique is reminiscent of the work of the artist.

Experts puzzled: how to make so that on each strand, you can apply strokes horizontally, while not touching the rest of the hair?

#fluidhairpainting, or “liquid hair coloring”: this hashtag in Instagram, you can find more than 6 thousand pictures and videos of the process.

Client’s hair is laid out on the table locks in order to be comfortable and nicely drawn strokes. Stylist deals with horizontal strokes of paint, and after exposure you see a great result!

Video published by Lucas Possetti (@lucaspossetti) Jan 26 2016 at 3:54 am PST

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