Scandal! Tom cruise is accused of involvement in the death of the pilots

Скандал! Тома Круза обвиняют в причастности к гибели пилотов
The members of the families of those killed during the filming of pilots filed documents with the court.

Tom Cruise

Photo: Instagram

The actor and producer Tom cruise has clearly come a black stripe. Not only that, he was seriously injured during the execution of the complex stunt in the filming of the sixth film “Mission impossible”, the work on the action had to be postponed, which certainly will greatly affect the project budget. And today there was a message that the members of the families of those killed while working on other film crews “Made in America” was sent to court documents, where he collected evidence including involvement in cruise and Director Doug Liman the death of their loved ones.

Tragedy struck in 2015, while performing complex aerial stunt, killing two pilots and stuntmen, and a third remained for the rest of life paralyzed. To formally accuse the Hollywood star is difficult, but the lawyers found a way to prove his involvement in the tragedy. Cruz, himself an experienced pilot with experience, can correctly assess the risks, and that his negligence on the one hand, and on the other inordinate ambitions and played a role in the incident. The papers indicated as the pilots themselves have complained about overcharging, long shooting days, the constant pressure and demands of the cruise and directed to repeat the trick endlessly, and most importantly – “inventing on the fly”, that is in the air new risky action in order to shake the audience.

Are in papers sent to the court, and a report of one of the producers to the insurance company, where he talks about the unreasonable risks and permanent new tricks up Cruz with the Director. A memo was sent 48 hours before the incident – when an old, vintage plane made in bad weather, over unknown to those pilots the mountain, its last turn. The court will have to familiarize with the records of one of the dead pilots, where he calls these “shooting is the most unrealistic crazy project in my life.” Reviews from the Studio and Tom cruise have not yet been reported.