Victoria Bonia told about the health problems

Виктория Боня рассказала о проблемах со здоровьем
At Kim’s vision deteriorates.

Photo: Instagram

Exactly 14 years ago — before participating in the reality show “Dom-2” Victoria Bonya did surgery to restore vision. The result of laser correction was perfect. One eye, Bonnie saw 110 percent, the second — 100. But a few years ago Victoria noticed that her vision is not as sharp as before.

“Apparently, due to the fact that I constantly look at the phone screen or computer, the vision fell by 10%, says Bonia. — So I have to wear contact lenses. I choose a day — it is very convenient for those who don’t want to mess with containers and solutions. And for those who are constantly traveling as I am. Once a year I have to do a hardware check to prevent a severe fall in view.”

By the way, recently Victoria has fulfilled his dream and also with a laser. For many years she wanted to make the stomach more flat. The model, which from time to time anorexia is suspected, it turns out, was much dissatisfied with this part of your body. So she decided on non-surgical facelift. “I have always wanted a trim tummy, finally got my hands on this!” — said Victoria.