Kristina Orbakaite commented on the scandalous behavior of a son

Кристина Орбакайте прокомментировала скандальное поведение сына
The singer has found a cause for pride.

Vladimir Presnyakov, Christina Orbakaite, Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova


Son of Christina Orbakaite Nikita Presnyakov in recent years, often makes harsh statements on social networks, which results from the high-profile scandals. The rock musician will be subjected to harsh criticism Olga Buzova or Nikolai Baskov (and with it all “pop” artists), it will make accusations against the organizers of his wedding. In General, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva used to say what he thinks, in consequence of which often “touches” his own words colleagues.

Recently it became known that such conduct son thinks his famous mother. As it turned out, Kristina has long been used to monitor the scandals that revolve around her large family. But the actress never misses an opportunity to see how Nikita is growing in the professional field.

“Now he’s playing in the Theater of the moon. All tickets for the performances with his participation sold. That’s a real success and luck that he fell into such a project asserted itself as a singer and actor. I was at this performance and was delighted. For me it is the main event and not the scandals that are stirring around his name.” — quoted by Kristina By the way, the fact that Nikita is trying to keep out of its stellar family “mansion” happy Aguilera. She from an early age to encourage independence.

By the way, Basque critique Presnyakov Jr. reacted with great humor and did not “inflate” the scandal even more. “I have great respect for their family. I think he’s saying that he decided to remove his involvement in popular music. He’s a rocker. I am pleased. Of the huge number of artists Nikita decided that all pop music is obsessed with me,” said tenor.