Scandal Basharova and Ancharovoj inflamed with new force

Скандал Архаровой и Башарова разгорелся с новой силой
The former artist’s wife sued him in court.

Marat Basharov and Catherine arkharova


Recently Marat Basharov first commented on the scandal with the beating of Catherine Ancharovoj. At that moment the artist’s wife, Catherine, said all over the country beating from Basharova. Marat also says that it was not. In the “Perfect repair” he made the statement that, “Said I brutally beat his wife. It was not that. The fact that I then turned… you Have to be above that. Hold on! Because the truth is she is still there. I was a little sad that after this history a lot of friends and acquaintances turned away from me!”

Catherine is in a loss of recognition of the ex-spouse. She stated that her hands are medical certificate, proving that she received that night injuries of moderate severity. Three years ago, when the incident occurred, Arkharov could sue Basharova, but regretted the daughter of the Marat — Amelie, who could be left without a father. Because the law artist threatened with deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

Arkharov suspects that Marat began to talk about what happened just now, as the Statute of limitations crime. That is, even if you wish, Catherine can not stand up in court against the ex-husband’s case about the beating. So to establish the truth about that ill-fated evening, according to the law is impossible.

But ex-wife Basharova can sue him in court for slander, I guess she is going to do. In this intention it is supported by Kate Gordon, who will take the case. According to the mistress of the law firm, Catherine still has a chance to prove his innocence.

Even if you’re an angel, there is always someone who does not like the rustle of your wings… #lobbyocracy

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“I did three years ago warned Kate that this is the case, you can not just leave. But she behaved like most women who find themselves in a similar situation. At that point she was psychologically broken, was in illusions and hoped for some apology. In the end, time is lost, and my ex now denies everything. Of course, we can sue for libel, but we will ask where the action for beatings? Will start the paperwork and the process will be delayed. Well, there is documentary evidence of his injuries”, — quotes StarHit Gordon.