Another person: the fans no longer recognize Ani Lorak

Другое лицо: фанаты перестали узнавать Ани Лорак
On the new photo, the singer does not like himself.

Ani Lorak

Photo: @anilorak happy Instagram Ani Lorak

Fans were puzzled by the recent publication of Ani Lorak. The singer has posted on his page in social networks photo, which is almost unrecognizable. Fans confused by the changed facial features Lorak. Subscribers immediately drew attention to it and assumed that lorac may have had plastic surgery.

“Photo is not the best, something with the cheekbones a little wrong out in the photo…”, “it’s cool just smile like a clown … What are you doing with women?”, “The feeling that it is not our Carolyn! Does not similar”, “has Mutilated himself, why?” — Ani turned to outraged fans. Actually changed the facial features lorac, most likely, are the result of poor use of photoshop. Fortunately, she later published a new photo-and video-materials, which looks the same as before.

Recently Lorak was suspected of another “plastic” — this time his chest. It happened in the midst of filming the video for the song “New ex”. Too tight was the suit of the singer — and the fans felt that before at Carolina (the real name of the singer) volumes were more modest. She Lorak did not comment on these discussions. Such rumors familiar. Only the lazy did not ask her after the “Eurovision”, in which it participated, its her Breasts or not. Then selected the entire photo collages of young Carolina without chest — and superstar breast not less than the third size.