Lolita Pugacheva and Rotaru: the Network “blew up” the new composition of the group SEREBRO

Лолита, Пугачева и Ротару: Сеть «взорвал» новый состав группы SEREBRO
Fans discuss the members of a popular band.

“Fanart” of Internet users

Photo: @fadeevmaxim Instagram

In early October it became known that Maxim Fadeev is looking for a new soloist of the group SEREBRO the place of the departed from the team of Pauline Tabor. Fadeev announced the contest and launched the popular vote. Recently decided the top three. Very soon we will know what will make the company Seryabkina Olga and Kate Kischuk.

And while Fadeev holds with candidates a trial photo shoot and assesses their vocal fans entertain themselves with fantasies of what star could become the new soloist of the group SEREBRO. One of the fans has created a fun “fanart”, instantly scattered around the Network. It was presented three “new” soloist of the ensemble: Sofia Rotaru, Lolita and Alla Pugacheva.

Joke Network users have appreciated himself Fadeev. “Oh, maybe it well, this casting?” — Maxim laughs. The Network strongly supported the idea of creating such a team. Some, however, proposes to replace the star part of lolita for Larisa Dolina.