Сати Казанова показала округлившийся живот Some fans believe that the graduate of “factory of stars” is the fourth month of pregnancy. At the same time, Sati Casanova and her husband, Stefano Tiozzo not yet confirmed the rumors about the planned addition to the family.
Сати Казанова показала округлившийся живот

Not so long ago, 35-year-old former soloist of group “Factory” Sati Casanova played in a concert in one of Moscow’s shopping centers. Besides her, came on stage Bianca, Julia Kovalchuk, Natalie and others. For his presentation, Sati chose a long dress silver color with a high waist and dramatic slit. The artist performed both old songs and new song “Mom”, released about two weeks ago.

Fans of Casanova decided that she didn’t just come on the scene in the dress with the high waistline. According to them, the artist can hide the planned addition to the family. Some images that appeared on social networks, you can see how Casanova holds on the stomach. Whatever it was, the artist herself, such speculation is not confirmed. In this regard, other fans Sati believe that she picked the wrong outfit.

Casanova, recently tied the rumors about her supposed pregnancy with the release of the song “Mother”. Introducing the song, the singer thanked his mother Fatima and her husband Stefano Tiozzo. People close to Sati appeared in her video for the new track.

“I wanted to show that “eternal” relationship dynamics: how a daughter separates from mother, when it begins its “adulthood”, where she meets a man and many other interests, how lonely it feels mom, and how hard it is for her to release the child from under his wing… And how, in the end, there is a transformation of both women, and this is followed by reunification, where relationships are of a different depth, a different value” – shared the actress.

According to Casanova, the mother smote her colleagues for their abilities. “My mom, you’re incredible! Thank you for agreeing to make such a bold move and surprised the entire crew acting talent! It is thanks to your presence clip came to life, and we all roar with every viewing”, – said the actress to the woman in the microblog.

Sati Kazanova married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo in October 2017. First the couple has registered relations in one of capital registry offices, and then played two weddings in the Caucasus and in Italy. Surrounded by artist for a long time waiting that she will become a mother. Some fans Sati think she’s deliberately not telling about the pregnancy, not wanting to attract to its interesting position the attention of the public.