Эд Вествик находится под следствием

The representative of the district attorney’s office Los Angeles says that the star of the TV series “Gossip girl” ed Westwick is under investigation. In November last year the actor was accused of raping two girls, Westwick denied.

Эд Вествик находится под следствием

“I confirm that the case ed Westwick was transferred to our office and is now under consideration. District Prosecutor’s office did not disclose the names of victims and therefore cannot provide any information about the victims,” he said.

Accused the actor Kristina Cohen, known for his roles in the TV series “Californication” and “it could be worse.” Sexual abuse of the girl happened three years ago, and the public the story she betrayed because of the hard time.

“The last month has been incredibly difficult. I, like many other women, too, have a story: three years ago I was sexually assaulted,” said the girl on his Facebook page, where he wrote an open letter about what happened three years ago and how she was able to survive it.
“It was not the best time of my life: my mother died of cancer, I didn’t have people who could support me, so I kept silent about the incident. I drowned out my pain and guilt. Even now, remembering all this, I feel guilty. I can’t answer why. The stereotype that all always the woman’s fault? During these three years I have increased significantly. And to return to the past painful for me. Relive the events of that night… My stomach folded into a knot when I thought about how to tell the public. To reconcile with myself was quite difficult.” the girl wrote in the letter.

It all happened in the house of Westwick, who hospitably invited all “to have sex”. “Then I met with a producer who was friends with ed Westwick. This is the producer and brought me to ed’s house where I first met him. At some point ed said, “We should all have sex.” I wanted to leave, but my boyfriend asked me to stay, so ed didn’t feel awkward. And ed himself has insisted that we stayed for dinner. I continued to insist that I want to leave, say tired. Then ed suggested that I take a NAP in the guest room. My companion said that we will leave in 20 minutes, in the meantime, I can relax. And I went into the guest room where I fell asleep. Woke up to the fact that next was ed, and his fingers went inside me. I told him to stop, but he was strong. I fought him hard, but he shook me and said he wanted to fuck me. I was terrified, paralyzed, couldn’t speak and move. He raped me.” the actress confessed.

Cohen had to remain silent because of fear that overcame her in the days after the rape. Her boyfriend told the girl that Westwick will destroy her career if she will talk about rape. Says the actress, she didn’t want to stay forever “the girl who was raped ed Westwick”.