Источники говорят: Джастин Бибер хочет вернуть Селену Гомес

Western sources reported that Justin Bieber is going to return to his beloved Selena Gomez. A month ago, the couple again separated.

Источники говорят: Джастин Бибер хочет вернуть Селену Гомес

“He’s not Dating anyone. Constantly thinks and talks about Selene. Justin is clearly not going to close this Chapter,” — said the insider.

With the news that Bieber wants to return to the old relationship, became known the real reason behind their breakup: the pair did not get along and decided to leave. “A serious reason for breaking was not. They will rest and will start over again to meet,” — said a friend of Bieber.

However, according to recent photos that appeared online, Justin certainly did not look upset and even found a new companion. The photo shows how the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez, attended a concert with an unidentified girl. Soon, reporters found out the identity of the young person and it was the Agency model CW Manafgment Baskin Champion. While fans wait for the official reviews of the most Selena, Bieber’s friends claim that the singer just wanted to cause jealousy among his former sweetheart.

Источники говорят: Джастин Бибер хочет вернуть Селену Гомес
“Selena all having fun with friends, so that he (Justin. — Approx. ed.) also wanted to show that they are able to have fun.”

“Speaking frankly, I think that in part he wanted to provoke the jealousy of Selena.” — says the source.

The insider says that she Selena repetitions relationship with Bieber doesn’t want, it was very dependent on him. This affects not only the amount of free time for yourself and career, but also for mental condition. Gomez decided not to dwell on the young man and his presence in your life will minimize. “When they are together — they are together when they are apart they apart. At the moment, Selena has decided to withdraw to focus on career, health, friends and loved ones. She can’t be with Justin she has no time and energy,” added the insider.

Attention to personality not like Selena, because she wants to concentrate on family and to establish a relationship with the mother.

“Selena and Justin decided to leave, mostly because of mom Selena and her relationship to Justin. His family loves Selena, but the singer’s family took the news about their reunion in arms because they don’t trust him. Selena tries to convince them that Justin has changed a lot… But her family is not ready to believe it.
Her relationship with Justin really affected the relationship with her mother. Selena can’t to this calmly, but Mandy has always been like best friends. Mandy is still worried about the surgery, her daughter and remembers some serious complications she had. She doesn’t want feelings for Justin again affected the health of Selena. Justin and Selena decided to give her family time, this is not the final breakup,” sources say.