Наталья Водянова призывает к национальному трауру в связи с трагедией в Кемерово

A terrible tragedy in Kemerovo was very touched by Natalia Vodianova as all the others. On his page in Instagram Natalia suggested plan of action and urged to declare national mourning in connection with tragedy which occurred on March 25.

Наталья Водянова призывает к национальному трауру в связи с трагедией в Кемерово

The model and mother of many children thinks that you should start with the most banal — to make the real list of victims, missing and injured during the incident. “I can’t see how pushed, trampled, swept out under the carpet of someone’s interests is the main value, the absolute humanity — the unit of life. First, as in Krymsk, I believe that help should begin with the list of missing, dead and injured. Real, full, not muhling list.” writes Vodianova in his instagram, referring to network users.

The second drastic action Natalia called national mourning. “Secondly, although I have no special formal rights, but I demand and want each of you reading this, joined in and demanded rigidly and uncompromisingly from the country from each other and from our government to declare national mourning! Something is wrong with us, if death more than 60 people (the figure is probably underestimated), many of them children, and does not signal about a national tragedy,” — writes the model, calling on all to sign the petition at change.org.

Natalia reports that confidence in the understating of figures of victims in the Mall during a fire. But RBC Director of the Kemerovo municipal enterprise “special Bureau” Igor alchemy claims that hundreds died, as they say in social networks, it is only speculation and exaggeration. According to him, in the morgue is 57 corpses.

“57 bodies, which are [in the morgue] is truly a real figure. Our company took from the first to the last deceased, was engaged in the transportation of the victims from the scene”, — he told in conversation with the correspondent of RBC, adding that other information about the death toll, as well as “what they say, some comrades about the training of a large number of bags for the dead — it’s all nonsense,” — said the alchemy.