Трагедия в Кемерово: герои, спасавшие детей из пожара Some people risked themselves. In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” told about those who helped the other visitors of the shopping center to get out of the fire. Tomorrow, March 28, the country declared a national mourning.
Трагедия в Кемерово: герои, спасавшие детей из пожара

The last day actively discussed the version of why there was a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry” in Kemerovo. According to recent reports, the fire killed 64 people. Presumably, the guard Sergey Antoshin disabled the smoke alarm. According to him, the Mall periodically, she worked alone, and he had to call the system designer to deactivate it.

In the Studio “Andrey Malakhov. Live” discussed the possible versions of why the tragedy occurred. My condolences to the families who have lost loved ones, brought Boris korchevnikov, Timur Kizyakov, Dmitry Pevtsov, Dmitry Guberniev and many others. According to celebrity, in the shopping center was not complied with many of the rules of fire safety.

In Kemerovo today visited Vladimir Putin. He urged the regional authorities to thoroughly investigate the situation and conduct an investigation to find out who is to blame in the incident.

Andrey Malakhov got in touch with some of the inhabitants of Kemerovo who find themselves in the Mall at the time of the tragedy. Julia Morozova noted in the children’s area the day of the birth of her youngest son Timothy on March 25. Around 16 hours to see him in the hall ran men, parents, other guests, and said that the fire started.

“We have recruited, had eight children. Even managed things with a grab. Timothy was very brave, he behaved like a real man. We are lucky that next to the bowling alley was a staircase. We came out among the first fire truck was already on the street,” said Julia.
Трагедия в Кемерово: герои, спасавшие детей из пожара

Some people have shown themselves to be true heroes, saving kids. Cadet corps MOE said as he brought three children. “I was on the fourth floor, room №3, watched the movie. Some time after viewing ran an employee of the theater, said the building’s on fire and must get out. She took us to the far staircase. When I came down to the third floor, I noticed that a woman stood and shouted that she had children. She was in a panic, anything intelligible did not say, waved his hand, down the hall… Ran into one boutique, saw that there were three children. I put the boy’s belt, took the girls by the collar and lead. The smoke was black. I understand that he can not escape,” – said Dmitry Polukhin.

Трагедия в Кемерово: герои, спасавшие детей из пожара

Some people were assisted to emerge. Sergei Tishchenko, whose family was at the Mall, said that for him made the girls standing on the street. Wife and child was at a birthday party. They quickly ran outside. Two Schoolgirls have given a three-year toddler warm clothes to not freeze.

Kolobuhov Constantine came along with his grandson in the play area. The boy did not get out from the corner of the mesh when the fire started. The animator approached the attraction, helped the child to get out. Constantine thanked her for that from the TV screen.

Wednesday, March 28, declared a day of national mourning for those killed in the shopping center in Kemerovo.