Sati Casanova flew to honeymoon

Сати Казанова улетела в свадебное путешествие
The singer officially started the honeymoon.

Italian-Caucasian weekdays and passion…?????? @stefanotiozzo #Skuchnaya #dolcevita #Amorcito #lovechangeseverything

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Wedding marathon Sati Casanova has finally ended. Since the days of celebration in Italy have completed a series of banquets on the occasion of the marriage of the singer with the elect Stefano Tiozzo. Now the couple can sigh with relief and truly enjoy your new status.

Photo: @Instagram stefanotiozzo Stefano Tiozzo

The day before Sati officially started the honeymoon: the singer with her husband went on their honeymoon. To relax from the tedious weddings Casanova and Tiozzo will be in the Maldives. On return, Sati will reissue all of their documents: the singer not so long ago announced that will not hesitate to take her husband’s name. Last name Casanova will exist only as an alias of the artist, but in life Sati will be referred to as Mrs. Tiozzo. About it the actress said recently before one of the performances.

Interestingly, after the announcement of the wedding with Stefano many suspected that Casanova, perhaps waiting for the firstborn. These rumors were related to how quickly Sachi tied the knot with the Italian: a novel of the future spouses began less than a year before the wedding. However, the actress denied all the rumors about his “interesting situation”.