Cate Blanchett has denied rumors of divorce with her husband

Кейт Бланшетт опровергла слухи о разводе с мужем
The actress appeared with her husband at the ceremony.

Cate Blanchett with her husband


time Hollywood gossip insisted that cate Blanchett is already a
time lives separately from her husband and, moreover, she allegedly intends to apply for
divorce. The basis for
such assumptions became the fact that the 48-year-old Kate and her husband, the Director and screenwriter Andrew Upton for almost
six months not seen together. Blanchett appeared regularly on red carpets, but
is always the same. Besides, some time ago, paparazzi have caught Upton, when
that, in the absence of his wife, the paddle held at the time at the party the young
and attractive actress of Harriett Dyer. Besides, Kate and her husband
do spend the last couple of years a lot of time apart, though, and explain
their busy work schedules.

But Blanchett
and Upton involuntarily denied rumors about his separation, appearing together on
the ceremony Instyle Awards in Los Angeles, where the actress was awarded the title of “Icon
style.” Moreover, both the actress
dressed for the occasion in a bold striped dress, and her husband, behaved
with each other is quite natural and friendly.

We recall that Blanchett and Upton married for 18 years,
raising three biological children (all boys) and one receiving
child — a daughter Edith. As the actress confessed that she agreed to spend
Upton all night on the third day of their acquaintance. But three weeks later, Andrew
made her an offer which she gladly accepted. According to the actress, she decided that Upton will become her husband, as soon as met him.