Sasha Zvereva lost 10 thousand dollars because of the haters

Саша Зверева потеряла 10 тысяч долларов из-за хейтеров Detractors of the actress often try to hurt her, not only online but in real life. However, Sasha Zvereva has long since developed immunity to enemies. According to her, fate still punish those who meant to hurt her.

      Саша Зверева потеряла 10 тысяч долларов из-за хейтеров

      The ex-soloist of group “Demo” Sasha Zvereva — popular blogger. On her “Instagram” signed by several hundred thousand people who actively put “like” under the photos of the singer and comment on them. Of course, not always comments subscribers pleased with Sasha. Moreover, sometimes they write the star a very unpleasant and hurtful things. In this case, Zverev immediately blocking them. “From love to hate just one step. I know that there are entire groups that come together just to get together to criticize me,” says Sasha.

      But among those who regularly monitors the latest publications Zvereva in her microblog, there are those who do not write angry comments, but prefers to act very quietly, to hurt the singer. In recognition of Sasha, sometimes they are so deeply into her life that come out of the Internet into reality. “Once I wrote on Instagram that are going to make a quick trip from Los Angeles to Moscow, and it is time to give your apartment some Russian mums. I thought, “Well, why housing will stand here without me for two months?”, “says Zvereva. However, haters artist was right there, and immediately began to take decisive action. According to Sasha, they have written to the management of its housing complex in Los Angeles in a strongly worded letter. It, in turn, sent her a warning letter, and Zvereva had to leave, paying for their housing. The singer says that she lost about 10 thousand dollars — a large sum, especially if we translate it into rubles.

      In addition, Zvereva haters can sometimes disrupt her concerts. They also sometimes set up other people against the star mother, to cause her more pain. Sasha, however, indifferent to the machinations of enemies. Singer believes that sooner or later the fate of them was out for revenge. Since the debut of the group “Demo” in 1999, Zvereva suffered a lot and now does not get upset about his detractors.

      “I’m immune to everything. I absolutely do not care about all this negativity. I know my kids are cool, I’m on the right track, so I was impossible to bring down. Neither the Soviets nor the intimidation, nor criticism. I’m still going to shove like a tank”, — said the artist in an interview with “TV”.

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