Lera Kudryavtseva: “Always first asking her husband’s forgiveness”

Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа» The presenter said “StarHit” about how the husband refers to her weirdness. In a candid interview the star also spoke about the difficult period of life, the support of my husband and family traditions are important.

      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»

      Looking at Lera Kudryavtsev, it is difficult to imagine that she has never sat on a diet, do not use the services of beauty salons and did not even attend the gym. On may 19, the presenter will mark the anniversary, and on June 8 – three years of marriage to hockey player Igor Makarov. In a candid interview with “StarHit” Kudryavtseva told about the relationship with the girl son Jean, the shortcomings of her husband and the court with a neighbor.

      “No sisters anywhere”

      Lera, birthday on the nose. Something special planned?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»To be honest, not at all going to celebrate in a big way. Most likely we’ll go somewhere together with her husband. Sit in a restaurant on the seafront in the evening. And if I stay in Moscow, then descend a narrow range – with family, friends in a cafe. In fact, everything is already tortured with this issue that as a Yes… And I even have time to consider the program. Vanity one! —
      Last year was heavy?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»Well, everyone, probably, there are difficult times. Okay, it’s life. I remember once I got in one day it all came together: I came from the event, are protoganda, arrives and tells the sister that she was robbed – he stole a large sum of money from the card, an hour later the mother calls, crying – in an apartment fire, and the door at the same time, knocking the guard around the house – reported that in the yard in my car hit some Madam… can you Imagine the nightmare! But don’t be such moments, we wouldn’t appreciate the moments of happiness. Loved ones are always supported. The first thing just that – calling to complain my sister Oksana. She comes, and we have a night – about – judgment problems, finding solutions.—
      Maybe you have some own way of dealing with a bad mood, depression? For example, go 10 km away and calm down…
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»When I feel bad, starting to go through my different cases, knowing that many now much worse. In Africa children are starving, someone living on the street… I imagine all of this and trying not to limp, not to relax. In addition, try to always find something positive: here a fire – I’m so glad no one was hurt, and a reason to make repairs. Often, after thinking carefully about the problem, just saying: “Lord, thank you for everything I have! I’ll do it!”
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»
      The good: you, Igor and I recently moved into a new house in the suburbs. Settled down already?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»Still in the process, wintered in a Moscow apartment. We bought a house two years ago the American. Inside all was ready, and I did not particularly altered. Except that some of the furniture bought Yes some decorative things brought from London – the statues, the curtains. Want to build a guest house. But only recently completed to sue the neighbor who climbed into our territory. —
      Lot grabbed?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»It happened under the previous owner. The neighbor, a very rich man, decided that you can pick up the American a few tens of square meters of land. Apparently, he hoped that the alien wouldn’t sue. And my husband and I began. We did ask nicely, then he offered to buy the territory. I refused. In General, the case went to trial, and the claim we have just won. Now waiting for the bailiffs to have him evicted from there. —
      I plan to finally move or outdoors the arrivals?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»No sister at hand I won’t be able to, so the second! We with Oksana are very close. For seven years, even side by side. First lived near you in Moscow, we had apartments in the same area. At the same time and then bought a newly built house in the center of Moscow, in other entrances. At first it moved, then a little later I. Without it in General anywhere. Every day, several times talk on the phone, visit each other’s homes. She and I are best friend and sister all in one. The holidays also are celebrating – together at the table. With husbands, sons, mother. Before this conjure with her at the stove, cooking all sorts of Goodies. We have a family clan, do everything together. In addition, Oksana as a businesswoman (is engaged in sale of banking equipment. – Approx. “StarHit”) often gives me advice is my right hand.

      “Son calm”

      And then the husband left? By the way, you have a date or three years into the marriage. The crisis in relations was?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»Globally do not swear at all. The maximum of resentment for some stuff, and then five minutes and forgot everything. The first reconciliation always go I’m. Even if not guilty. Igor’s character is such, from my mother, apparently, by genetic line. Never admits that wrong. Then maybe an Epiphany. But it’s too late.
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»
      And how do you keep romance in a relationship?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»Yeah, it’s kinda hard to say. Both are constantly on the move, we have every meeting after parting – turbulent emotions and happiness. Candles and stuff not about me. Go to restaurants, dinner at home, somehow it all calmly, as a family. Bring him gifts from different countries, I – jewelry, watches, new items of equipment. Loved ones should be spoiled.—
      For a joint life left you something, what you and Igor radically different?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»The mode of the day. He gets up at 6 am for a workout accordingly and goes to sleep much earlier. As I wander till the morning. The husband comes back from training, I just Wake up. For him sport is life. Trying to eat right. And I don’t exercise and eat a lot. Probably lucky with the metabolism. Of course, sometimes better. But at this moment only refuse to sweet that the rest of the time I love. There are, of course, a leap in the right direction. Now her husband is trying to wean is mayonnaise mixed with ketchup. I am fighting like hell. On the other hand, Igor then it all burns. But the fight is on! —
      Your mom Alexandra comes to visit often? You know, always listen to her opinion…
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»Well, I’m a mom myself and an adult. No longer something to her and suggest podkamenaya. Dress her up, spoiling the whole – cally. Help, for example, suggests a simpler, cheaper and faster to get visas and all that, is clear to me than to her. With the technique the same story. Their generation is difficult to keep up with all the new products. On the computer courses I have walked, successfully graduated from them recently. Igor, of course, also helps her. They immediately loved each other.
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»
      Your men, husband and son similar?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»Rather no than Yes. With common interests they somehow did not work, although they are very friendly. My husband is not very much time for Hobbies… Holidays are just a month out of the year. At this time we are going out of town or abroad. Computer games Igor is not particularly respected. Clearly, when Jean comes to visit, we sit together, talking for hours. They discuss some masculine things like cars.—
      Son, as far as I know, you have a creative, even recorded music.
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»I have a large already, 26 years old, independent. Now deals with the fact that looking for work, chooses a thing that will devote the life. It should bring in money, fun, to be like. Jean – tech, something is clearly associated with the exact Sciences. —
      Are you jealous mom? To girls son, how about that?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»He’s already quite a long time Dating a girl Nastya. They moved in together, living together. I’m not a possessive. On the contrary, relaxed that has a girl, and she told him to wash, eat and cook – that makes me feel good. With Nastya I communicate, make friends, they are very nice. With all of my girlfriends son I was always familiar with. To marry is in no hurry – believes that he needs to stand up, to earn money for his family. I sympathize with him. And support.—
      You save in a crisis?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»I have not some giant queries. Quite a lot spent on clothes, but need it for work. And generally hate to shop. Mostly do it in America. And here, in Moscow, if I have something urgently to buy, don’t even know where to be given. Once all the tedious, long. Abroad and more choice, and the price is lower.—
      You probably have a house Polo – guilt of the whole space take your stuff. The husband is not grouchy?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»Igor understands. First, I’m a girl, secondly, I work so. In ordinary life I go either in jeans or tracksuits is my favorite. No mess at home. I’m a terrible perfectionist and neat, straight oddity on this basis. So nothing is scattered, everything on the shelves, even sorted by color. Keep order itself, but there are also AU pair. I love cleaning, it’s comforting somehow. Won’t sleep if I have in the sink unwashed mug left. The husband, fortunately, is. Not necessary for me to adjust to. We all clearly: on me life, cooking, Igor – machines, repair, garbage removal. —
      Recently, I remember you also tried himself in new role: he bought the franchise Stas Kostushkin on the production and sale of donuts… it’s gone?
      Лера Кудрявцева: «Всегда первой прошу прощения у мужа»I wanted to do it, but realized that, unfortunately, now is not the time. At metro tent demolished, the crisis. Fortunately, Stas like all good, put on the rails. It should, incidentally, to call him, to check on things. Well, I temporarily stopped. We sat down with my sister after lunch, and discussed. Oksana I honestly said, “If you’re able to drop everything and deal only with donuts, to control the process, then, of course, go ahead!” But I, of course, to such victims is not yet ready.

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