Valery showed a slim figure in a bikini

Валерия показала стройную фигуру в бикини The popular performer is resting with her husband in the Emirates. In the tourist Paradise is now about 30 degrees, therefore Valeria relaxed as you can. The singer is actively enjoying life, but at the same time does not forget about sports.

      Валерия показала стройную фигуру в бикини

      May day celebrations, the singer Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigogine celebrated in the Emirates. There actress and producer went to rest and gain strength before starting new projects. Vacation Valeria, by his own admission, waited too long. Before you go on the plane in Dubai, the singer wrote in social networks: “one More push before vacation, and… freedom!”.

      Therefore, recently Valery pleases his fans with photos from the Sunny UAE, which is now about 30 degrees Celsius. The time to bask on the beach, decided the singer and, without thinking, went sunbathing with her husband. Of course, the photo of Valerie in a bikini caused a great resonance among the subscribers to its microblog, because the star is in great shape. “Bliss,” commented my picture in a bathing suit on the background of the beach in Dubai 48-year-old actress.

      Fans immediately became interested in Valerie, bikini what brand is the star, and began to ask her about it in the comments. “I do not remember, long ago cut off the tag, bought it somewhere in the hotel,” admitted the actress. Others began to wish the singer a pleasant stay. “How cool! You are beautiful, have a good rest”, “Lera, I love you! Relax, sweetheart,” wrote they. And still others began vying to praise the excellent form of the artist. “Beauty”, “You are a beautiful young woman, not pay attention to detractors”, “Valeria, you are beautiful, everyone would look like”, “Really there are stunning pieces at this age,” expressed the singer’s fans of his emotions.

      Валерия показала стройную фигуру в бикини

      In addition, during the stay of Valery decided to temporarily forget about the instructions of doctors and tried an iced coffee. In everyday life she was forbidden to indulge ourselves with an ice cold beverage, nothing wrong with the voice. But the vacation doesn’t happen often, so Valeria decided to drink a whole glass of cold Cola saving.

      Valeria is known as a lover of sport and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, even travel to another country star drops workout. In the vacation, the singer with her usual enthusiasm, went to the gym, where she began to do different exercises. “Rest in bed and catch up on sleep one day, back to his usual fitness regime,” — said Valery with the fans.

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