Саша Стриженова серьезно пострадала от завистников Classmates of the girl gave her persecution. Strizhenovoj it was frustrating to feel such a strong hatred from others. Peers ignored her and otherwise humiliated in social networks. For Sasha it was a true tragedy.

      16-year-old Sasha Strizhenova from childhood accustomed to interviews, surveys and increased attention from others. The daughter of famous parents began to appear in advertisements when she was three months. Despite his young age, he already managed to try herself as a model, presenter and actress. She also goes out in couture outfits posing for glossy magazines and spends time in the artistic institutions of the capital. Of course, this lifestyle is not a cause for discussion among the community. Recently Strizhenova told about how she lived through the persecution, which gave her envious.

      Sasha Strizhenova is fighting off attacks after the fashion show

      “One day in class I announced a boycott, I felt a kind of infernal hatred and did not understand what caused it. It happened four years ago. Because of the filming, rehearsals and performances with the musical, I occasionally missed school, and this is some terribly angered. Of course, I was worried it was a small children’s tragedy. I have always been the straight a student syndrome, it seemed to me that I have to like. But there was a girl who began to set up against me. I’ve got a million nasty messages on the Internet quote will not… And if in social networks was the flow of the mud in the school with me, just not talking,” said Sasha.

      Survive a difficult period, the girl helped her older sister Anastasia. She shared with Sasha, their experiences, and said haters will always be. In such situations, the main thing – to remain human and not to respond to provocation. Following the advice Anastasia, Sasha stopped paying attention to boycotts and nasty messages. After some time the attacks of classmates was out of question.

      In turn, Ekaterina Strizhenova has revealed to the media representatives the details of this conflict. Then Sasha’s parents wanted to celebrate silver wedding with the children. It seemed that on this important day we need to gather the whole family. Catherine and Alexander agreed with the school and clarified assignments for objects to her daughter was not behind the others. But one of the classmates girls did not like that Sasha misses a class during the school year. The heiress Stroganovyh didn’t want mom and dad intervened in the situation. As a result, she decided of her own, reports the edition “7 days”.