Мэрилин Керро о песне Бузовой: «Оля, это не твой путь» The witch spoke about the presenter of the track “the sounds of kissing.” One of the known videoblogger Denchik, who works in the crew of TNT, asked the participants of “Battle of psychics” about calling Buzova.

      Мэрилин Керро о песне Бузовой: «Оля, это не твой путь»

      A crew member of channel TNT, known in social networks as Denchik, decided to ask Marilyn Kerro whether Olga Buzova continue to sing. Videobloger came into the dressing room to the Estonian witch while she was preparing for the new broadcasting of “Battle of psychics”, and sang the chorus of the song “the sounds of kissing.”

      Marilyn Kerro was busy so didn’t really want to talk to Denchik, however, spoke about the new musical creations Buzova. According to participants of the magic show from Olga not to have a full singer.

      “It’s not her way. She was leading, and it’s somehow not her,” said Marilyn.

      The operator also instigated Kerro to the statement about work Buzova on the reality show “Dom-2”. Denchik insists that he would like to start this project instead. “Olga, you have to leave from “Houses-2″ it is not your place,” said the Estonian witch, holding a poster of Olga.

      By the way, the song Buzova has caused a wide resonance in the Network. In iTunes the song “the sounds of kisses” for a long time occupied a leading position. In Instagram started showing up a short video in which people sung a new track of Olga in different styles and genres. Friends of a young woman from the sphere of show business believe that she has succeeded. “If she wants to sing let her sing! If tomorrow wants to become a chef and open a restaurant, let the “saddle” yet another dream. Everyone has the right to do something that makes his life a broken wings of Lata and again raise above the gossip and aggressors,” wrote Rita Dakota on his page, protecting a new composition Buzova.

      We will remind that Olga released the song some time later, after her fans learned about the difficulties in the personal life of a star. Many believe that the words of the track leading expressed their emotions and feelings. “Questions without answers, and tears from the wind. Each other do not hear, is combusted as a flash,” sings Buzova. According to her fans, a young woman tried to tell me what happened in her family, as she could not openly talk about the breakup with her husband Dmitry Tarasov.