Oksana Fedorova has saved the mother from harm

Оксана Федорова уберегла маму от беды Presenter very close to his mother. When Oksana was still a child, she tried to listen to all Elena Alekseevna, and was worried when the long wasn’t there. It was the daughter stopped the mother, forbidding her to take on dangerous work.

      TV presenter Oksana Fedorova and her mother Elena has always been very close. In their family never had any conflicts, and parent supported any initiatives of his daughter. Elena worked in the hospital, and sometimes even took extra shifts to feed the family. While she wasn’t home, she took care of grandpa and grandma, which she loved. As recognized Fedorova, she matured early, as was often alone. When mother was offered a job at the hot spot, the girl forbade her to go because she was afraid to remain without parents. His father left the family when she was little.

      “Mom’s been gone for a day, took me a grandmother. Loved her, but still waited for mom, and really missed her. Because when I was 13 years old and her colleagues called to work in Afghanistan nurses on contract, stood breast and said, “can’t let you go, I have no father”. She didn’t go. When I got older, I realized that mom for me, worked two jobs to help-that there was no one except the grandparents. She’s always relied on himself,” said Oksana.

      According to the presenter, she always got along fine with mom. The mother never forbade daughters, but only advised on how to behave in a given situation. In turn, Fedorova managed to find common language with her stepfather, who became the second husband of Helena Alekseevny. “My mom and in fact most of the time the two of us go through life, although there was her sister, who has two children, grandfather, grandmother. Mom’s husband Sasha loved me like his own daughter. We had warm, close relations”, – said Oksana.

      Fedorov said that they became closer with Elena Alexeyevna when she had her own family. The presenter noted that her family is very concerned about the grandchildren. “My mom never had big quarrels that did not speak for months. But I understand that thoroughly, we began to communicate, that when I had children. Sometimes the finished house to raise your voice, she said, “Quiet, children need to calmly talk.” Thanks to her I am the peacemaker, always trying to unite people, don’t like stress in the family,” said Oksana in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.