Sasha Artemova had a fight with Eugene Kuzin for his critical

Саша Артемова поругалась с Женей Кузиным из-за его критики Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has entered verbal skirmish with the chosen one. Girl captured on video the moment when they were discussing with the bride her figure. Fans saw how violently responded to the words aunt Cousin about her appearance.

Former participants of the reality show “House-2” Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin actively preparing for the wedding, which will take place this summer. Like many couples, the lovers sometimes there are disagreements. The other day during a hike in the movie, the girl got into an argument with a lover. Presumably, the reason for the disagreement was her figure. They started an intense dialogue.

– I have chubby legs?

– Honestly, no.

– Why are you asking me if I had thick legs.

Is I’m interested, do you have a little different opinion. I think you have great legs

– I saw your legs and remembered the movie “Madagascar”: “I Love big and popasty”.

– I have thick legs? What was the question?

– No. I foolishly said.

Fans supported the girl and noted that Sasha looks great, and her figure many can envy. “Cool you”, “you Have a very beautiful figure and legs too. Need to have everything in moderation”, “how cute”, “You’re very cool! And you have a gorgeous figure! It is very rare that a person combines both beauty and figure, and mind!”, “You are a super couple! Made for each other. Best”, – wrote the followers, appreciating the humor of the pair.

How to tell Sasha and Zhenya, all the contentious issues they are trying to settle quickly so they do not develop into major scandals. She admits that her favorite often is the first to put up.

“We can quarrel because of the fact that I don’t wash the dishes. Basically, it happens when I’m not home all day. We don’t really like to swear. Any quarrel with Zhenya for me it is an internal tantrum. Sometimes I cry. Seeing my condition, the first goes to be reconciled Eugene” – said Artemov.

Recall that Sasha and Zhenya are combined by marriage in the summer. The girl admitted “StarHit” that dreams of a fairy-tale triumph in the Rococo style. “I hope that the wedding was very colorful. Imagine that all the decoration is made in gold, white and brown colors. Want a wedding in the style of balls of 18-19 centuries”, – told ex-member of telestroke. The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova: “While we have not been able to have a baby”