Nastya Kraynova going crazy from the love to Alexander Nosik

Настя Крайнова сходит с ума от любви к Александру Носику Apparently, the former soloist of group “Tutsi” in the seventh heaven from happiness in a relationship with a famous actor. Recently Nastya Kraynova shared a touching article in which he described his feelings for the second half. Fans of the girls decided that the way she confessed the actor in love.
Настя Крайнова сходит с ума от любви к Александру Носику

At the end of March it became known that the actor Alexander Nosik is found with the ex-participant of “factory of stars” Anastasia kranovoj previously sang in the group “Tutsi”. Celebrities spotted on a date in one of the Moscow restaurants. Last week, the lovebirds showed up at the Studio of the TV show “Let them talk” to dot the “i”. Anastasia and Alexander said that happy together.

Alexander Nosik told the guest about the marriage with the new girl

Recently, the popular singer posted a touching post on Instagram, which hinted at feelings for the chosen one. Anastasia gave to understand that crazy about his second half.

“When the soul stops all you feel that breaking past was so the right decision! It was so right, because right now I have the feeling that I dreamed of…” said the KRA accompanied its publication a number of hearts.

Earlier in the broadcast program of the First channel is the wife of Alexander Nosik, Olga said that will not prevent new passion of her husband. “Sasha has a right to their privacy. We are very much approaching the point of divergence, it must have lasted several years. We realized that at some point we must diverge for a distance,” said the woman.

In turn, the famous actor explained why not in a hurry to divorce his former sweetheart. According to Alexander Nosik, he has no time to execute the necessary documents. So the man remains married to Olga. Experts of the TV show noted that spouses can divorce in absentia.

During an interview with “StarHit” Anastasiya Kraynova talked about how there was her acquaintance with the actor. According to the girl they met a few months ago in a cafe. “We love going to the movies, cozy restaurants. We have something to talk about – he is very smart and educated. Sometimes discussing a topic for hours, unable to argue. Of course, very worried about casinogo breaking up with his wife, but we do not discuss our past relationships,” added KRA.

According to singer, the wife of Alexander Nosik, Olga is a great woman. Anastasia said that he had heard about it only good from mutual friends. As for the speculation that she allegedly broke up the marriage artist, the performer denies such rumours. At the moment, Anastasia and Alexander live in the guest marriage.