15-year-old actress from “Daddy’s daughters” Katya Starshova openly talked about plastic

15-летняя актриса из «Папиных дочек» Катя Старшова откровенно рассказала о пластике The girl confessed that appealed to the surgeon. Katya Starshova, who played Pauline Vasnetsov in the popular television series decided to fight back the haters. She placed in his angry post, which commented on the changes in appearance.

Actress Katia Starshova has become famous thanks to starring in the domestic sitcom. The audience loved the girl for her directness and openness. Now, ten years later, grown-up artist is considered one of the most attractive young stars. She willingly puts in the “Instagram” personal photos and videos, telling subscribers the details of your life. Recently, she shared the news that he finished the ninth grade and has published a series of pictures from the last call.

However, in addition to the congratulations and good wishes, Katie received several negative reviews. The detractors made unflattering comments about her appearance and suggested that soon the star will resort to surgery. Perhaps the words of hate hurt the celebrity. After a few hours in the microblog Starkovoy appeared an angry post.

“My dear, what a am I to you? Sofa model! I admit, I’m all done! How can I live in this world next? That’s so ironic! Any adequate person knows that insulting other people because of their appearance – the rough because no one chooses how to be born. Think about what you write in the comments. Your opinion is not needed, didn’t ask him!” – wrote the actress.

By the way, loyal fans of the star have been actively supporting the favorite. They said that the girl has an adorable face and a fine figure, and lamented the envious. In addition, some users of the social network decided that the young celebrity should not react so passionately to criticism. They are confident, the star has a great future in show business, so she again have to face insults.

“Katyusha! You are the best! Nobody will listen! Go to your goal and be yourself!”, “Plastic? People, are you kidding? Look at this precious child. So, someone who, as it just about operations to not think!”, “Nonsense they write. You are very beautiful and talented, which is important! Moreover, the natural beauty with nothing to compare,” said the fans under the post Starkovoy.

Recall now that Kate pushed her acting career on the backburner. She decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents and is fully committed to figure skating. In piggy girls already have a lot of awards and medals in international competitions. “Daddy’s girls”: what became of the actors of the acclaimed series