Sarah Jessica Parker saves on clothes?

Сара Джессика Паркер экономит на одежде?

Sarah Jessica Parker played the main character in the TV series and the feature films “sex and the city”. The picture became iconic because of what the actress attached the image of fashionista and Shopaholic. But in reality everything was quite different, because Sarah is dressed modestly and wear colourful costumes and dresses for ceremonial events. But now fans doubted, but whether enough actress money on expensive clothes? There is no doubt, because the star only a few times wore the same dress with a leopard print.

Sarah is proof that one dress can make a unique outfit. October 19 for the premiere of the new series, At Home With Amy Sedaris, the actress wore a leopard print dress with lemon halves and a cardigan with gold lurex. 10 days later she appeared at the conference in new York in the same dress, only this time the boat was pink. At the conference actress appeared together with his colleague Jessica of Honor.

Together with his co-star touched on the subject of the introduction of women into the producers Guild of America. “There is something women can do. We need to stop apologizing. In any industry, a woman needs to feel confident. We need to move forward,” said Chastain.

It is not surprising that the actress nurtures a love of leopard print dress. She put his strength and creative thinking in the creation of the outfit in the framework of collaboration under the brand name SJP.

Sarah Jessica Parker held up fine and most likely have already recovered after the sad news about the termination of the filming the iconic “Sex in the city”. The fact that in September the actress personally told the sad news — the third part of the film adaptation of Sex and the city, will not. In this she blamed her colleague on the film Kim cattrall. “We are not working on a film. I’m disappointed, we had a beautiful, heartbreaking and simultaneously uplifting scenario, but work on the project was frozen after claims Kim Cattrall to Warner Bros,” — quoted by Sarah Jessica edition of the Daily Mail.

As later announced Kim, who plays Samantha — she refused to star in the sequel to the movie in 2016. In an interview, she said that Sarah Jessica Parker could be dearer to her, because they were never friends.