Justin Bieber visited the home of Selena Gomez

Джастин Бибер побывал дома у Селены Гомес

After parting with the artist The Weeknd, and kidney transplantation, Selena Gomez supports Justin Bieber. It is often noticed near the singer, and on Monday morning he was captured near the house of the singer. It is possible to judge that the night before Justin and Selena ate at the vegetarian restaurant and then went to her. Paparazzi noticed a white car of 23-year-old canadian singer at the house of Gomez in Los Angeles, while the singer was in a white hoodie and shorts, which were in the restaurant.

Джастин Бибер побывал дома у Селены Гомес

30 th morning, Justin left the house ex-girlfriend to buy tea. The singer is not hiding from the cameras, and even staring at the lens.

It is reported that over the past seven days the children noticed together at least three times. Justin supported his ex-girlfriend even after a breakup with the singer of Makkonen’s Abel Tesfaye, better known under the pseudonym The Weeknd. donkey sad event. the guys sent along to the service in the Church Zoe Church in Los Angeles.

Family Selena Gomez refused to accept the young man. “Justin is a vile man, and never will be adopted by us,” said one of the relatives of the singer.

Джастин Бибер побывал дома у Селены Гомес

Despite the fact that the family refuses to accept Justin, he is determined and ready to win back his love. “Justin is happy, Selena is now one. He hopes to regain her trust that they were together again. They have so much to catch up on. This year they understood what made them strangers, it is not surprising that they’re back together… Justin has changed and became a better man and boyfriend,” says Bieber.

“Justin knows Selena’s family is not happy with their communication and joint walks. The native women believe that he brought Selena a lot of grief and pain. But Justin hopes to be able to prove to them your good intentions, and demonstrate its positive changes. Over the past few months he’s really changed a lot. Now he’s a different person,” said one of the friends Bieber.

The relationship of artists began in 2010. Since 2013 they started to have problems in relationships because of what they decided for some time that they stop. Finally, the couple broke up in 2015. From January 2017, Selena started hanging out with Abel Macconnell young Tesfaye acting under pseudonym The Weeknd.