Russell Crowe commented on the rumors about the affair with a young assistant

Рассел Кроу прокомментировал слухи о романе с молодой ассистенткой

53-year-old actor Russell Crowe was suspected affair with his young assistant, whose name no one has yet voiced. Despite the fact that Crowe has denied the rumors, he often spends time with a young girl. They ride bikes through Central Park Sydney, relax on a luxury Mexican resort of Los Cabos and it seems now decided to settle in one of the apartments.

Recently paparazzi could take Russell with his young assistant holidaymakers on the terrace of one of the hotels of Los Cabos. The girl did not hesitate to show the body in an open bathing suit, and the actor just stood next to his assistant. Crowe could not respond to such rumors and wrote in his Twitter account about their falsity.

“Everywhere write that a my pictures from Mexico, where I rest with the young girl,” wrote Crowe, accompanied by post in hashtags, “She’s my assistant”, “She is near, because it helps me”, “Just business”.

Also on photo you can see that the actor is very swollen. All this because of the great addiction to fast food, and for her role in the movie Boy Erased. According to some reports, Crowe has reached a weight of 140 kg. About the film yet, little is known. It is worth noting that this is not the first time the actor comes on great sacrifices for the work in the project. To change dared Russell Crowe for the filming of the movie “Goodfellas.” He gained weight up to 120 kg. But after the shooting he immediately said goodbye to unwanted weight, knows a lot of pounds can cause health problems. He was returned to the state in just three months.

“Generally,gain weight is not difficult. It’s tough, when then come back to training. It took me three months after filming “the Nice guys” to return to the previous form. But in August — and we were shooting the “Guys” at the beginning of last summer — I have already gathered momentum and by December was in the form of”, then told Russell.