Oksana Akinshina first showed 9-month-old daughter

Оксана Акиньшина впервые показала 9-месячную дочку
The actress added to the Network a unique photo girls.

Daughter Oksana Akinshina

Photo: @akinshok2013 Instagram Oksana Akinshina

Oksana Akinshina for the first time revealed the of her third child. The actress has published on the official page in social networks a picture of 9-month-old daughter. The girl was born in January, but since then the actress never showed her fans.

While Oksana did not dare to fully reveal the intrigue and photographed her daughter from behind. The footage was shown to fans, and to demonstrate the first achievements of a daughter Akinshina, the baby took his first steps. This event has interested a colleague Oksana Irina Pegova, who praised the actress and her heiress. Meanwhile, the name of the daughter of Oksana remains unknown. By the way, master of the conspiracy in this case is Victoria Daineko, still hiding the name of the two daughters.

Recall that recently Akinshina lives with the civil husband Archil Gelovani, the son of Constantine, and with her little daughter in Switzerland. In the capital Oksana arrives only when she planned the shooting. Akinshina moved to the mountains for the school’s youngest son. Oksana was attached to Constantine in the elite Swiss school. She stopped at an establishment called La Garenne International School. Private institution with 70 years of history accepts children into its walls four. The school is international and is aimed at the study of languages. The tuition at La Garenne starts from 3 million rubles per year. While this Swiss school is a leader in preparing children of primary school age.