Samsonov revealed the cause of divorce in families Kamiren and Feofilaktova

Самсонов раскрыл причину разводов в семьях Камирен и Феофилактовой Eks-the participant “Houses-2” spoke to the former chosen. According to Alexey Samsonov, Elina and Eugene are unable to find happiness in marriage, as their feelings for men were real.
Самсонов раскрыл причину разводов в семьях Камирен и Феофилактовой

Since participation of Alexey Samsonov in the project “Dom-2” it’s been a few years. Initially, he came on a reality show to a member of Feofilaktova. However, their Alliance quickly fell apart, as, according to the man, the girls were fans outside the perimeter. After that, Alex attributed the novel with the Hope of Ermakova, also with Elina Kamiren. In 2013, Samsonov with the scandal left the project. Then he started a fight with Elina. He was expelled from the wording: “Without the right of return!” Then it was said that she even wanted to sue him in court.

In 2015, Alex found his one and only. In December, the wedding took place in the main macho “House-2” with Julia Saulino. The girl didn’t confuse notoriety Samsonov. Fans have noted that it has changed a lot. Remembering his participation in the reality show, the man not once spoke out strongly against other ex-members of telestroke. In an interview with “StarHit” Alex remembered why could not tie the fate of Feofilaktova and Cameren.

“They’re not real. They have a lot of bombast. People want to be who are not really. When Elina started to meet with Zagajnovym, there fool, it was clear that their relationship will not last long. She was good for him according to his needs, and she does,” said Samsonov.

According to men, the second ex-girlfriend’s marriage failed for the same reason. According to Alexei, Zhenya was unable to save relationship with Anton Gusev, as initially their romance was playing to the audience. Anton Gusev: “I know that Jack never loved me”

“Eugene Feofilaktova was always jealous of Dasha Pynzar. They’re friends were. When Dasha got married, she also rushed to get married with Anton. Then the same situation was with childbirth. First Pynzar gave birth, and then Feofilaktova. No feelings, Zhenya, Anton. More some sort of race. She lived her life,” says Alex.

Recall that marriage is Feofilaktova and Gusev broke up in late 2016. Zhenya and Anton did not openly name the reason why more couldn’t be together. Fans of the couple thought that their family was ruined because of Victoria romanet. Gusev started Dating a girl a few months after breaking up with Feofilaktova.