Game king: why Kate Middleton is difficult to envy

Игра по-королевски: почему Кейт Миддлтон сложно позавидовать Today’s woman celebrates a special anniversary. Six ice ago Kate Middleton married Prince William. Lush wedding couples has become one of the most discussed events of that time. The couple that seem made for each other, does not descend from the front pages of Newspapers. “StarHit” find out what secrets are hiding Kensington Palace.

29 April Kate Middleton and Prince William are celebrating a milestone anniversary or six years from the date of the wedding. Of such a husband as the Duke of Cambridge, is a dream of many girls ready to do anything for the wealthy and good-looking groom, holding a high position in society. However, life of the beloved monarch is not so perfect as it might seem from the outside. “StarHit” found out why the life of the spouse of the heir to the British throne is difficult to name cloudless.

What mystery shrouded the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William


At the time, Prince William was known as a desperate bachelor who regularly indulges in all serious. In 2007, the heir to the British throne, shouting “I’m free!” lit on stage one of the elite London clubs. A friend of a young person Kate Middleton, wrote the journalists, gave him the heave-Ho after he learned about the relationship of the boyfriend with a passionate Brazilian. However, after some time Catherine still forgave William, and in 2011, the whole Kingdom celebrated the wedding couple.

After the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II was a family man, he stopped constantly to break into the entertainment business. Despite the fact that William regularly confesses his love to his wife and children, insiders periodically open another alleged interests of the Prince. Fans of Kate can only guess how truthful publication in the tabloids, but as you know, the smoke without fire does not happen. Therefore, the visit of William to Switzerland in March of this year made a lot of noise. Then the Royal lady decided to recall the violent youth and dancing with a mysterious beauty.

A month later, after a rest in the ski resort of Prince William commented on his alleged infidelity during an interview with journalists.

“The last time I had a problem with dancing, so it’s best to stay away from them,” joked the man.


The reaction of Kate Middleton on a scandalous journey, her husband was not long in coming. If you believe the sources close to the couple, the Duchess of Cambridge was upset.

Kate Middleton shocked by the behavior of a spouse

“Kate seriously considered that William “tied” with his rave past and began to communicate less with questionable friends. She finds this very humiliating and terribly angry at her husband, although the separation is not out of the question,” – said close to the Royal family.

However, the couple never filed that are experiencing difficulties in relationships. When William and Kate appeared in public, taking part in the parade in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. How the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge carefully depict the idyll in public, suggests some thinking about the fact that their relationship is not all perfect. At one time, journalists even wrote that Kate Middleton puts her husband in the example of his brother, allegedly, Prince Harry is extremely open and direct.


The name Kate Middleton is not coming from the front pages of Newspapers and magazines. For many, the Duchess of Cambridge is a role model. Of course, Catherine has to constantly meet the high expectations of the Royal family, to confirm the status of the spouse of monarch. Pressure that is regularly exposed Middleton, it is difficult to envy. So, a few years ago in the press appeared information about the fact that Elizabeth II is recommended that the beloved grandson to change the style in favor of more long and closed dresses, and also spend less money on beauty than she used to. In addition, the head of UK, as they say insiders, constantly gives advice to relatives about the education of children.


Many fans of the Royal family are eagerly waiting for the moment when Kate and William will become parents for the third time. However, spouses do not hurry with the completion of the family, although the tabloids periodically speculation of pregnancy Middleton. So, in October last year, journalists claimed that Kate is expecting twins. However, over time, this assumption was not confirmed.

Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge is in no hurry again to become a mother due to the fact that her previous births has been fairly hard. For the first part of pregnancy, Middleton is suffering from severe toxemia. When a woman it’s time to give birth, hundreds of reporters more than ten hours on duty near St. Mary’s hospital in anticipation of good news.

The second pregnancy of the wife of the heir to the British throne caused her less suffering. Morning sickness, do not let Kate rest while waiting for George, it’s not that she was worried. However, many have found that the second genera Middleton were quite strange. A few hours after the happy event the Duchess of Cambridge looked amazing, already posed for photographers. In this regard, some decided that actually the girl was born a few days ago.


Kate Middleton is a loving mother of two children. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband are raising three-year-old George and one-year-old Charlotte. In March this year, Kate decided to openly talk about the fact that taking care of kids is not always easy. The heirs, told Middleton decisively changed her life.

“For me personally, being a mother is a stunning experience. However, sometimes it becomes a real challenge, despite the fact that I have an assistant, which many mothers are deprived. Nothing can actually prepare an incredible sense of responsibility that arises with the appearance of the baby. Motherhood is a series related to each other emotions: joy, anxiety, love. Your whole personality changes in an instant.” — said Kate.

According to women, the education of the younger generation there are no universal rules. Importantly, according to Kate, is to try to think about the good of the family and take care of her as best as possible. “For many mothers, including me, it’s sometimes can lead to insecurity in themselves and their abilities. Unfortunately, in some cases, this stress is compounded by the incredible strain on the psyche that occurs after the birth of children” — shared the wife of Prince William.


Every step Kate Middleton causes a storm of public discussion. The journalists write that the Duchess of Cambridge has ceased to look after themselves, anonymous gossips again declare the imminent divorce of charismatic brunette. The number is absurd and ridiculous rumors about Katherine, is simply amazing. Not a day goes by without another “sensation” from the portals of dubious reputation. In addition, Kate is constantly compared with lady Di, and some even suggest that the fate of the wife of the heir to the British throne is somewhat similar to the way the ex-wife of Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton risks repeating the fate of Princess Diana

Apparently, the Middleton prefers to ignore the publication of the tabloids, after all, to read everything that they write about it, physically impossible. Therefore, probably, free time Kate and William have not carried out monitoring of the daily Newspapers and watching TV series. In a recent interview, the couple admitted that I like to order Chinese food and turn on “Homeland” or “Game of thrones”. According to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they choose a relaxed home stay.