Natalia Varvina arranged a romantic date with her husband in Paris

Наталья Варвина устроила романтическое свидание с мужем в Париже Couple is enjoying the holiday and each other in the French capital. Natalia Varvina and her husband Alex Michael left the capital to spend just the two of us may holidays. On the banks of the Seine the stars once again feel like newlyweds.

One of the most prominent and visible of the former participants of the project “Dom-2” Natalia Varvina carefully protect your privacy from prying eyes. A young woman has never commented on their relationship with her husband Alexey Mikhailovsky and rarely published in the microblog joint photo. Varvina refers to the number of stellar ladies who rightly believe that happiness loves silence.

But in the meantime, his fans Natalia sometimes still shows that her relationship with her husband is still full of tenderness and passion. Spouses are each preoccupied with self-realization and immersed in his work, always try to find time to spend alone together. So, in these last days of April the couple fled to Paris, where he enjoys rest and each other.

“Beloved invited me for a romantic dinner …. in Paris,” – said Natalia Varvina in microblogging, posting a picture taken on one of the streets of the French capital.

Judging from the photos that the ex-participant of “House-2” shares with followers, on the banks of the Seine, the couple with the experience again felt like newlyweds. From photos where Natalia Varvina and Alexei Mikhailovsky sealed together, just breathes love, happiness and enthusiasm of each other. Of course, these emotions felt and followers Natalia Varvina.

“Enjoy your dinner! You are very similar somehow, and not only outwardly”, “Natasha happiness to you. You’re really cool!”, “What are you cool. Happy for you”, “You are so into each other, like two halves of a whole”, “Natasha, you are sweet, beautiful and very talented. And you deserve to have your favorite invited you to dinner in Paris, Breakfast in London and lunch in Italy. And as always. Wish you happiness and great love”, – such comments leave fans of Marvinol under her the husband.

We will remind that Natalia Varvina for four years happily married to Alexei Mikhailovsky. Lucky ticket: how ex-participants “Houses-2” manages to successfully marry

Having been on the project “Dom-2” for several years, she has been able to build a family, although met with the most enviable bachelors of the reality show. And, despite the fact that in the framework of the project of Varvina became the “Man of the year”, toured, recorded their songs, and even received a small role in the movie, on the seventh anniversary of the project in 2011, the beauty decided to leave the telestroke.

However, later it turned out that Natasha did not go home, in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd oblast, and remained in the capital to build a relationship with the producer “Houses-2” Alexei Mikhailovsky. Not only the lovers are secretly married, but still married in 2013. Celebration on this occasion took place in a posh Moscow restaurant “Turandot”.